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Loving furnished vacation apartment in beautiful landscape, close to nature it is ideally for families with the guarantee of experiencing the life of the real Italian. 14 km to the ocean and beach. Patio with dream panorama. 2 bedrooms

This is a special lovable alternative for guests, that are not only looking for the ocean, but also for the originality of the nature park Cilento with its traditional roots in the village community and for people who want to get closer to the ideals of the “real Italy”, but still want the guarantee of relaxation. Family Durso’s vacation apartment, that is located on the top floor (heat isolated), lies on the border to the village San Nazario. With its 300 inhabitants, a snug little river, situated below the slighter larger village S. Mauro la Bruca in the south of the Cilento and approx. 14 km distance to the ocean and the beach of Caprioli and Palinuro, this seems the ideal place for wonderful hiking and a pure natural experience.

Just finished in May of 2001, it is completely new and effectionally furnished with 2 bedrooms, complete and new fitted kitchen (sturdy cheery wood), dinning room and very nice bathroom, beautifully tiled with shower, as well as a 10 qm balcony (umbrella and more) (with dream panorama over the uniquely gorgeous valley and the nature) it is waiting for its guest.

The size of the apartment is approx. 55 qm and indirect illumination (“I don’t want to blind my guest”), noise isolation and the high standard kitchenette are just some example of the beautiful interior. Parking is provided as well.

One of the truly essential aspects of this vacation domicile is the incredible attendance of the family Durso. Right from the beginning the guest will experience the atmosphere of being welcome; guests feel that one is pleased to see them, like they are old friends. That is especially evident in families with children.

Family Durso, he is Italian, and she is Austrian (therefore German attendance guaranteed!) are the proud owner of the only olive press with stone mill (very rare) available in the vicinity. This way they are able to produce an excellent “extra virgin” olive oil (cold pressed) in the traditional way where one uses handpicked olives (low acid amount!) instead of shaken olives.

Especially for families is the stay in Casa Durso recommended and ideally, since amidst the large garden with olive groves, rose, mistletoe and apple trees that surround the house, a carefree play for your children without the annoyance of traffic is guaranteed. Hares, chicken and cats complete the farm atmosphere. There is absolute no through traffic and there is a fantastic tranquility. You also don’t have to worry if your children find playmates, since the children of family Durso gladly invite every child into their games.

Family Durso also allows the guest to use their own washer against a small fee (10,- DM per filling). You are also invited to participate in the harvesting of their products such as olive oil, vine, fruits of the season, eggs and more.

Their special pizza and bread oven should be another attraction beside the oil press (essential to see!). The oven does not only invite to barbeque but also to your own effort to bake pizza or bread or other south Italian dishes. (Mrs. Durso gladly will help you).

S. Nazario itself is a small mountain village away from all tourism and because of its inhabitants especially hospitable and obliging. The guest will feel welcome everywhere and it is not surprising if the guest will be invited by the native to an espresso.
Everything here is original, the life around the central church up to the goatherd who moves his goats across the village. Vegetable arrives daily with an antique truck from the mountains and for the fresh baked bread is the local baker responsible, who has the only store in the village beside a tobacco store and a butcher. For additional groceries one has to drive (or walk) 2 km to S. Mauro la Bucca, where one can find besides the grocery store also bars, a pharmacy and the most beautiful Piazza of the entire Cilento (incredible view over nature up to the ocean).

You won’t need to fell scared to be isolated if you don’t arrive with your own car, because the hearty attendance of Family Durso will certainly either pick you up from the train station or drive you to the ocean on occasions. The distance to the ocean should not worry you either since it will guarantee you a lovely drive though the beautiful nature.

Rental fee per week:
09. 09. - 16. 09. 2017     490,- Euro
16. 09. - 23. 09. 2017     440,- Euro
23. 09. - 21. 10. 2017     420,- Euro
21. 10. - 24. 03. 2018     390,- Euro
24. 03. - 26. 05. 2018     440,- Euro
26. 05. - 23. 06. 2018     490,- Euro
23. 06. - 14. 07. 2018     550,- Euro
14. 07. - 28. 07. 2018     580,- Euro
28. 07. - 01. 09. 2018     620,- Euro
01. 09. - 15. 09. 2018     490,- Euro
15. 09. - 22. 09. 2018     440,- Euro
22. 09. - 20. 10. 2018     420,- Euro
20. 10. - 28. 02. 2019     390,- Euro
End cleaning 40,-, sheets and towels 10,- per person.
Heating as used.


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