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2 beautiful, quiet and comfortable apartments; 1 bedroom; dining room; kitchen; bathroom with shower; 45-55 qm; washer; dish washer; SAT-TV; open fire place; roof patio with glorious ocean view and panoramic view over the mountains, valleys and the antique sites of Velia; grandiose antiques; outstanding cozily equipped; breakfast or half pension possible.

Amidst the tiny, medieval mountain village of Terradura, just 8 km to the ocean and the 7 km long sandy beach, lies within a ancient building the two beautiful apartments “Da Franco”. The descriptions are restricted to the lower apartment and the upper apartment is larger but slightly less voluptuous. Seldom is it true that an old and inconspicuous house conceals such a jewel on the inside.

If your need to spend a quiet and tranquil vacation in an exquisite atmosphere and with high comfort with a distance to the ocean of just 10 car minutes then you will be pleased to stay at the apartments Da Franco. Especially, since a stay in Terradura combines various worlds: the original with the great service: starting with the rental of mountain bikes or the numerous excursions opportunities, hikes or bike tours with the extremely friendly and knowledgeable owner of the Azienda Casa Lenoe, Mister Gino Troccoli. He has all the positive southern Italian characteristics of hospitality, children loving and pleasure to celebrate combined with a huge portion of humor. Also, if you are not interest in cooking – no problem: the Azienda Casa Leone is famous for its tasteful menu that is prepared by Maria, Gino’s sister and the good soul of the farmhouse.

You can even enjoy an open air massage underneath olive trees, since a befriended physiotherapist will love to get you under his wings.

The evening is a good time to play cards – maybe with the village priest who also likes a good drop of alcohol or with the mayor (almost all male adults in Terradura were at one point in their life mayor). Or you can simple end the day with a wonderful red wine or a grappa in the bars of Hugo and Maria, where you also can enjoy your morning espresso.

Back to the Da Franco, since there are so many stories available about Terradurra that you could fill books, but I think that everybody should experience their own story in Terradurra.
The Da Franco lies amidst the village – but amidst the village does not mean between lots of noise, but just central in the sleepy village of about 70 – 100 residents. The loudest noise will actually be the sale of the passing traders at some days in the week, the sound of the church bells or the voice of an untamed donkey.

You will live central at the so called place of the hanged people, a place where in the 18th century a few freedom fighters (rebels against the Bourbons) were hanged – an event that was likely the only historical event in the 1000 year old history of Terradurra.

The house itself originates out of the 19th century and has thick walls, has three floors with a large roof patio and glorious panoramic view over the entire Cilento coast, the mountains, hill chains and valleys all the way to the sea and the antique sites of Velia – a splendid romantic sight especially combined with the sun set.

The apartments are on the first and second floor. The 45 qm large apartment on the first floor includes a large kitchen with dinning room, a bathroom with shower and a bedroom with one double bed. The upper apartment is bigger (approx. 55 qm) and is less stylish. The furniture are lovely, well maintained, antique, comfortable and will meet all your needs.

The bedrooms not only include double beds but also bed site tables. The kitchen with dining room is a true jewel with complete kitchenette, open fire place, washer, dish washer and SAT-TV. All furniture are massive and in country style. An antique chest is included as well as a decorative sewing machine. Decorative shelves are lining the walls and are filled with all sorts of accessories, ceramic plates, copper pots, vases and more. I only can recommend: drive there, enjoy and experience everything for yourself!

Rental fee per week:
16. 09. - 30. 09. 2017                  440,- Euro
39. 09. - 24. 03. 2018			340,- Euro
24. 03. - 26. 05. 2018			380,- Euro
26. 05. - 23. 06. 2018			460,- Euro
23. 06. - 14. 07. 2018			490,- Euro
14. 07. - 28. 07. 2018                  520,- Euro
28. 07. - 01. 09. 2018                  540,- Euro
01. 09. - 15. 09. 2018			460,- Euro
15. 10. - 29. 09. 2018			440,- Euro
29. 09. - 08. 01. 2019			340,- Euro
The end cleaning amounts 41 Euro; sheets/ towels are 10 Euro per person.
The costs for breakfast or half pension are decided on location.


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