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Beautiful, very quiet, tastefully (almost) vacation house of approximately 100 qm in separate location with ocean view; dream panorama; furnished patio; large 1000 qm estate; approximately 250 meter to the ocean; 3 bedrooms for 8 persons; living room with adjoined kitchen; bathroom; outdoor furniture; very idyllic with pretty garden; parking spaces; suitable ideally for up to six people.

Villa Fiumarella is a beautiful and idyllic house that lays close to the ocean and peacefully amidst nature on a large estate with ocean view. It cultivates a splendid complement to our other domiciles in Palinuro. The Villa Fiumarella lays separate in front Palinuro – a town, which offers during the main season, a variety of sport and tourist opportunities. Since it is not directly connected to Palinuro, the guest will have, even in July in August, the possibility to participate at all leisure opportunities in Palinuro but at the same time can enjoy the relaxing private atmosphere that every guest is looking for.

Shortly before the cap of Palinuro, with a rich panoramic view over the ocean and the kilometer long sandy beaches will you find the house. It is at a 2 kilometer smooth descending beach section and it is beautifully maintained and atmospheric equipped with lots of accessories. From the coastal road you will follow a small, well maintained and almost hidden path up the hill and after approx. 250 – 300 meter to your left leads a long private driveway to the house.

The Villa Fiumarella contains two apartments. The most beautiful one, which is reserved for guests, is completely separate and points to the south with a view to the Capo Palinuro. Shade giving trees and a breakfast patio complete the apartment outline. The patio is especially appropriate for cozy breakfasts or a glass of wine at the end of an eventful day. The second apartment is not used for most of the year and only serves as a vacation domicile for the rare visits of the owners sister. The estate and the entrance way are for the solely purpose of the guests and the owners apartment has a different entrance way.

The interior of the 80 qm large Villa is spread over two floors. The ground floor has a tastefully equipped living atmosphere and the open room separation takes care of comfort. From the window you will see Capo Palinuro, the ocean and the green of a variety of plants and trees in the garden. The garden sizes about 1000 qm and is a fantastic place for the carefree play of your children. Olive trees and large plants, beside needle woods and numerous blooming bushes, dominate the spacious estate. Often a light sea breeze combined with the fresh scent of the ocean will embrace you. This is an intense experience of nature.

Through the living area with kitchen, complete kitchenette with 4-plate stove, oven and refrigerator (divided American style through a wall from the living and dinning area) you will reach via a small front room the bedrooms. The characteristics of the bedrooms are impressed by the harmony of wood and the romantic furniture. An additional room in the front room leads to the bathroom with shower and bidet.

A staircase in the living room leads to the upper floor. There you find two additional bedrooms and a second bathroom. The bed in the various bedrooms are divided by Spanish walls and don’t have connecting doors. (it is a continuous floor and the separation of bedroom is done via Spanish walls).

The furniture are new, comfortable and not sparsely. The house Caprioli sizes about 100 qm and has large exteriors. It is an ideal place for families or couples. You will have one or two parking spaces and the ocean can be reached in minutes by foot. You do not need a car. Even during the main season you will a guaranteed tranquil stay in the secluded location of the Caprioli.

The closest town with shopping opportunities is Palinuro, but also in the small village of Caprioli (house is named after) will you find various shopping possibilities.

Rental fee per week:
26. 08. - 02. 09. 2017		800,- Euro
02. 09. - 16. 09. 2017          610,- Euro
16. 09. - 30. 09. 2017          510,- Euro
30. 09. - 24. 03. 2018          450,- Euro
24. 03. - 26. 05. 2018		510,- Euro
26. 05. - 23. 06. 2018		570,- Euro
23. 06. - 30. 06. 2018		610,- Euro
30. 06. - 28. 07. 2018          710,- Euro
28. 07. - 01. 09. 2018		800,- Euro
01. 09. - 15. 09. 2018          610,- Euro
15. 09. - 29. 09. 2018          510,- Euro
29. 09. - 28. 02. 2019          450,- Euro
End cleaning 50,-. Sheets and towels inc. first set.


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