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Friendly, very affordable and in single location, vacation home of approx. 65 qm with 2 bedrooms for 4 people. New and complete kitchen/ dinning room; spacious 25 qm roof patio with fantastic view over the ocean and the Cilento coast. Patio of 60 qm!; 800 qm backyard; dogs welcome; SAT-TV upon request; ideally for groups: Villa Silvio and Villa Silvio II can together hold 10 people! Children safe; children friendly

Amidst nature, friendly and slightly elevated are both houses (Villa Silvio and Villa Silvio II) very similar and therefore the descriptions are also alike. Villa Silvia II lies on a beautiful and spacious estate. It is framed by Pines, ancient olive trees and lemon trees that will provide you with shady areas. It is an ideal vacation domicile for families that value the closeness to the ocean but also appreciate a tranquil vacation atmosphere even during the main season. The large garden is perfect to relax in the sun and for the carefree play of your children. A soccer field is close by.

Just 3 km to the ocean and the 7 km long sandy beach of Marina di Ascea on the one side and the central position towards the national park, combines this vacation domicile Villa Silvio II the best conditions for a classical beach vacation with the possibility to enjoy the tranquility, nature and the cultural sights (antique sites of Velia close by!) of the national park Cilento. The panoramic view on one hand, the glorious nature with mountains and hill formations and the ocean site on the other hand, mirror the double character and the promise to participate at both worlds: the classical beach vacation and the nature/culture vacation. You will see the different faces of the Cilento: the ancient life with the farm culture and the untouched nature with its history and ancient sites of Velia and the beach life with all its sports possibilities.

What is the surrounding alike and what signifies the Ascea Stampella?
Stampella/ Baronia is no front town of Ascea with an own city center but rather a classical farmland with vegetable and fruit fields, large lushes olive groves and farmhouses. Once in a while, an impressing Villa of a late Patron pushes itself in the foreground and refers to past times. Vacation homes are in the exception and you also will find that stores are more spread out (although, restaurants, grocery stores and more are in 2 – 3 km distance). You will find the traditional small diary Chirico with its excellent buffalo mozzarella (don’t worry - no odor disturbance!).

The only center of economic lives, besides the agriculture, is found in the small brick yard with clay goods and marble. Adjoined to the fields is the untouched nature of the national park with its mountains and small used fields. You won’t live between strong agricultural fields but in the neighborhood of small farms. Marina di Ascea with its 7 km long sandy beach is just 2,5 km to the south. Banks, restaurants, gas stations and cafés are in the same distance, therefore the infrastructure can be described as good. To the north you will find the excavation sides of Velia, which you do need to visit.

The panorama provides you with a glorious ocean view – here we need to mention the furnished roof patio – that will give you a view over the medieval mountain village of Castelnuovo and the central mountain life of the Middle-Cilento with its highest point the Mount Sacro (hole mountain) and the Monte Stella (with observatory!).

Living in the Villa Silvio II:

The Villa Silvio II is a one-floor vacation home of approx. 65 qm with two spacious bedrooms. The bedrooms contain each one double bed and three single beds, bed site tables and lamps and closets. The furniture are new and good. The fitted kitchen has a complete new adjoined dinning room with a sofa, bookshelves, dinning room table and chairs. The bathroom is a cubicle bath with toilet and bidet. Upon request you can order SAT-TV. The furniture are all new and cozy.

The entire estate is enclosed; a barbeque and parking spaces are present.

Private note: everything is plainly super!!

Rental fee per week:
02. 09. - 16. 09. 2017       440,-
16. 09. - 30. 09. 2017       390,-
30. 09. - 24. 03. 2018       340,-
24. 03. - 26. 05. 2018       390,-
26. 05. - 23. 06. 2018       490,-
23. 06. - 21. 07. 2018       520,-
21. 07. - 28. 07. 2018       550,-
28. 07. - 01. 09. 2018       590,-
01. 09. - 15. 09. 2018       440,-
15. 09. - 29. 09. 2018       390,-
29. 09. - 28. 02. 2019       340,-

The end cleaning amounts 41 Euro; sheets/ towels can be provided against a fee of 10 Euro per person. Heating (gas) as used.


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