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Incredible quiet and comfortable, informal vacation estate amidst greenery; very well maintained spacious garden; private beach (white beach); 24 vacation homes with washer, SAT-TV, electronic safe, playground; breathtaking ocean view and view onto the Liparean Islands.

We are very proud to enlarge our sparsely Calabria program with this truly beautiful vacation structure.
The vacation structure LA SPIAGGIA BIANCA is an exclusive enclosure by the ocean that dominates the entire coastal strip from Tropea. The territory lies amidst greenery and the bright colors of the garden, the Mediterranean plant world and exotic plants that origin of tropical countries.

The beautiful white sand of the bay increases the depth of the ocean blue. An ocean rich on fauna and impressive water depths. At the horizon, the Liparean Islands come into view. Daily you can observe the spectacle when smog out of the volcano Stromboli rises into the sky.

The beauty of the nature around the vacation territory and the pleasant effects of the equipment make this vacation estate an unique place to stay for every guest that enjoys the peace of the ocean.

The vacation estate consists out of 24 separate homes amidst a blooming garden with typical Mediterranean flora and exotic flair.
Here are densely planted sage bushes besides high bananas trees, colorful bougainvillea and delicate jasmine bushes.
Because of this wonderful location you will be able to enjoy an unique panoramic view: the Liparean islands lay across the ocean, and to the left you will see the peninsula and a rock protrusion with the antique abbey Tropeas.

Off the main traffic lies this vacation estate and guarantees tranquility and peace without any noise disturbance or stress. The vacation estate LA SPIAGGIA BIANCA is an exclusive structure. It is exactly the right environment for guests that are convince that the vacation should be something special and where you will be able to enjoy every moment among your family.

All homes include SAT-TV, a washer, an electronic safe with combination and offer 5 sleeping opportunities: bedroom with double bed, bedroom with bunk beds, bathroom with shower and hair dryer, living room with sleeping sofa, a completely equipped kitchenette, patio, sheets, towels, dish towels and bath towels that will be changed twice per week.

A small playground and a gazebo offer a joint location where you can meet all the other guests and possible friendships might start here.

The estate includes a private beach with beautiful white sand. The beach is equipped with lounge chairs, sun chairs, umbrellas, surfing boards and canoes – also this beach is guarded by an educated lifeguard.

The crystal blue ocean invites you to embark on long and relaxing swimming trips. In the impressive water depths you will find a beautiful fauna that will be a paradise for all diving enthusiast.

Breathtaking sunsets make the vacation estate LA BIANCA SPIAGGIA to an unique place, where you will be able to enjoy the last sunrays diving into the ocean.

Sports possibilities:

The following sports can be exercised close by your vacation domicile:

-beach volley ball
-surfing, if the waves will permit at the beach of Zambrone, which is just 150 m from the estate
-bodysurfing on the Flow Rider® of the Aquapark of Zambrone
-tennis, in just 150 m you will find a tennis court
-golf, the golf court in Feudo Montalto with 9 wholes below orange and olive trees is just 30 km from the estate
-diving, the Diving Center in Briatico can be found in 3 km and the one in Ricadi can be reached after 20 km
-horseback riding with the possibility to ride through the forest of Serra San Bruno and Mongiana. A stable is in Vibo Valentia, just 24 km from the estate.

P.S.: The rental fee of the domicile includes canoe, beach volley ball, wind surfing and body surfing.


Half way between the beach and the vacation estate lays the AQUAPARK of Zambrone. The park is open between the middle of June until the middle of September and the usage is free for our guests.

The AQUAPARK of Zambrone is the largest and most well-known amusement-swimming park of southern Italy.

The park offers a large variety of amusement possibilities and it is truly safe: the large slide is for the bravest, two water slides and the six lanes of the sliding hill include many curves. The wave pool imitates the movement of the ocean and can become gigantically funny if you ride those waves on a rubber tire (provided by the park). The large Hawaiian lagoon is exactly the right place to relax; here you will find whirlpools and an impressive waterfall. From the lagoon leads an 1-km river “Fiume Lento” through the entire territory. For the smaller children you will find a special children pool with soft and colorful toys that are safe to play with. The park offers with all its attractions hours of enjoyment for children as well as adults - an amusement with a special thrill.

On the inside of the park is, besides a bazaar where you will be able to buy newspapers and tabacco goods, a bar, a snack bar, a Pizza store and a self-service.

The AQUAPARK in Zambrone has a new attraction, uniquely in its kind in Europe: The Flow Rider®. If you ever dreamt of surfing in the pacific then you will treasure this incredible water game that is dedicated to all those endorphin fans with a special taste for adventure.

The magical bay of Zambrone belongs to the province of Vibo Valentia, whose cultural and historical wealth offers numerous pleasant surprises to its guests.

Art and archeological treasures are embedded on harmonic way into the beautiful landscape. Both present great opportunities for excursions into the near surroundings, like to village such as Tropea, Capo Vaticano, Pizzo or Serra San Bruno. Furthermore are daily trips organized to beautiful location such as Reggio Calabria (to admire the bronze statures), the Liparean Islands and to Taormina.



Tropea lies on a steep rock protrusion directly at the Tyrrhenian Sea and it is especially famous for its crystal clear water and its white sandy beaches. Tropea is also an elegant historical center where you can find a well-kept town center originated out of the 16. – century. You also will find numerous and artistically testimonial out of the local crafts. Tropea is also an important agricultural center with an excellent wine production and the characteristically and outstanding “red onion from Tropea”.


This land strip owns an antique history, since under its visitors was Hercules, Äneas and Odysseus, the famous sea navigators. They all spend time here before they challenge the terrible sea monster in the fearful street of Messina. Here they all pleaded to the “Vate (seer )” for advice. That is also the explanation for the name of this area, hence “Vaticinio” means “place of prophecy”.

This sight is certainly one of the most beautiful ones of the world: Capo Vaticano is between the gulf of Gioria Tauro and the gulf of S. Eufemia; on the horizon you can see the Liparean Islands and the volcanic island of Stromboli with its smoky swaths.


Belief and legend, history and folklore are the characteristics of this town. Pizzo lays on a hill directly above the ocean. The homes and the midevel alleys lead steeply down to the beach. The old town part holds a majestic fortress that was build by Ferdinand of Aragoniea in the year 1486. Joachim Murat was shot here in 1815 after he tried to free southern Italy of the bourbons. The beach leads to the lovely Piedigrotta church, that is placed in a natural grotto. This church is dedicated to the Madonna and was build by the sailors that hoped to escape any danger of the sea. You also can’t leave here without tasting the famous “Tartufo” ice cream.


The town’s name can be traced back to the holy Bruno of Cologne, who in the year 1091 established the monastery. You should not be surprised that the monastery looks like a pontificated city from afar: but these walls were necessary to protect the monks from indiscreet views, since they wanted to live in their own chosen seclusion and isolation. In the monastery were rare art objects out of wood and delicate paintings. An interesting museum allows the visitors an inside view of the 900 year old history of the monastery. Not far from the monastery is the pilgrimage town of this mystical/ mythic area: the church of S. Maria del Bosco, the crypt of the holy Bruno and the sea of miracles.

Rental fee per week:
                1 A.    2 A.    3 A.	4 A.    5. A.  Child-11 
20/05-26/05     360     390     430     475     525     55
26/05-09/06     460     520     560     630     680     65
09/06-16/06     520     590     640     730     770     85 
16/06-30/06     675     770     845     970     1.050   115
30/06-21/07     820     990     1.110   1.310   1.400   130  
21/07-04/08     995     1.190   1.330   1.580   1.730   135
04/08-18/08     1.080   1.290   1.460   1.730   1.900   145
18/08-25/08     995     1.190   1.330   1.580   1.730   135 
25/08-01/09     675     770     845     970     1.050   85
01/09-15/09     520     590     640     730     770     65 
15/09-30/09     460     520     540     630     680     65

The prices are per accommodation and amount of adults.
For children between 3-11 years the correlating price must be added.
For children between 0-2 years the stay is free of charge.
Weekly rental fee in Euro, adults per accommodation.

Should your stay exceed one week, you can include the following discounts: for 2 weeks 10%, 3 weeks 15 %, 4 weeks 20%.

The price includes: overnight-stay, entrance card for the AQUAPARK in Zambrone between your arrival and departure dates, sheets, towels, dish towels and beach towels (will be changed twice per week), beach service with umbrellas, lounge chairs and two sun chairs, taxes.

All homes have SAT-TV, a washer, an electronic safe with combination, air conditioner and include 5 sleeping opportunities: bedroom with double bed, bedroom with bunk beds, bathrooms with shower and hair dryer, living room with sleeping sofa and completely equipped kitchenette, patio.

This vacation estates comes with a private beach with beautiful white sand, equipped with lounge chairs, sun umbrellas, wind surfing boards and canoes. This beach is also guarded by a trained lifeguard.

Additional services:
-babysitting: 5 €
-daily cleaning of your vacation home: 15 €
-children crib with sheets and children’s car seat per day: 5 €

You can enter the home at the arrival day at 4 pm and you have to leave the home at your departure day before 10 am.
You have to leave the house in a satisfactory condition; especially the kitchenette needs to be faultlessly clean.


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