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Beautiful, idyllic, comfortable, affordable and very quiet vacation home, gorgeous; with 5 vacation apartments; each approximately 50 qm; each suitable for 2, 3 or 4 people; amidst nature; framed by olive groves and grape vines; close to the ocean; 30 qm large arcade patio; 4000 qm beautiful garden; family friendly; swimming pool (6 x 10 meter); SAT-TV; table tennis; playground; telephone; safe; hair dryer; central heater; air conditioning; barbeque and parking spaces; ideal place for the carefree play of your children; good infrastructure; close to archeological excavation sites and cultural sites like Florence, Siena or Pisa; close to nature conservation (WWF-section); dogs welcome; bicycles and horses in Campiglia Marittima. Pool season 15. 05. - 15. 09.

The Villa I Tigli is a beautiful, lovingly created and quiet country estate with five comfortable apartments. The house is harmonically embedded in the green of the fantastic nature and the smoothness of the Tuscany landscape. The villa has a great infrastructure with distances of 3 km to San Vincenco, 5 minutes to Campiglia Marittima (with medieval castle) and approximately 1 km to Venturina (with grocery stores, restaurants, post office, banks and gas station). The Villa is incredible suitable for a beach vacation, since the beach and the ocean is just 7 km from the house. You truly will enjoy a relaxing stay amidst nature and at the same time a vacation that will include many cultural highlights.

Framed by grape vines on the 4000 qm large, park-style garden estate offers the Villa I Tigli a high living comfort with private parking spaces and a swimming pool that is also appropriate for children. Around the swimming pool are lounge chairs and umbrellas. Surrounded by olive groves guarantees the house the best conditions for a relaxing family vacation. Your children will enjoy the carefree play on the spacious estates and dogs are welcome as well. You will have the opportunity to play table tennis and you will have the chance to try the homemade honey, eggs or the outstanding olive oil (extra virgin). In the surrounding you will find chicken, gooses, rabbits and goats.

The Villa is located in the Val di Cornia and its surroundings are impressed by the natural beauty of this landscape and offers the opportunity for interesting excursions to the archeological excavation sites of Baratti or the famous thermals of Calidario in Venturina (in just approx. 1 km) or Siena (90 km). Volterra, Suvereto and San Gimignano as cultural stations are easily to reach as well.

The Villa I Tigli offers on the exterior a large and beautiful park with barbeque, gazebo, private parking, and playroom for the children, swimming pool and lots of comfort and tranquility. The living area consists out of 5 apartments, named Sunflower (for 4 people), Pansy (for 5 people), Iris (for 4 people), Geranium (for 3 people) and Poppy (for 2 people). All apartments size approximately 50 qm, are bright and lovingly decorated with pictures. The equipment of all the apartments is equal and the only difference is the amount of beds.

Apartments that are suitable for 4 people include a double bed and two single beds – the mattresses are back-friendly. All apartments include a living area with kitchen (4-plate stove, refrigerator with freezer unit, fitted kitchen, no oven and more), dinning room with table and chairs as well as a sofa on the ground level. Via a spiral staircase you will reach the top floor with the sleeping area. All apartments include a safe, SAT-TV, air-conditioning, heater, barbeque and private car parking. All apartments have in the front their own arcade-styled furnished patio of about 30 qm.

Brief Overview:
Campiglia Marittima: In this historical and traditional rich town with medieval castle you will find all the streets with its houses and picturesque alleys arranged in circles. This creates an impressive town picture. The old part of town is located on the inside of the ring walls and includes the church San Giovanni (build in the Tuscany romantic style), the church San Lorenzo, craft shops, restaurants, wine bars and the city hall with museum.

(Campiglia Marittima) Venturina: One of the most beautiful historical villages of the Costa degli Etruschi is this community located on a hill site. The hill dominates the ocean and the surrounding landscape. Here, in the heart of the Val di Cornia you will be able to witness the conservation of the Etruscan roman and medieval culture. You can see the early medieval melting ovens in Val Fucinaia originating in the 7th and 8th century and the archeological mining park of San Silvesto – now a majestic open air museum – and the famous thermal springs of Caldena that were known already during the antique and still can be used today (perfect for rheumatism, inhalation, fango and for allergy suffering patients).

Costa degli Etruschi:
The Etruscan coast is located in the middle of Tuscany and presents a lively Mediterranean alcove where the ocean found an unity with nature, art and history. The coast stretches over more than 90 km and hosts’ hills, huge olive groves and various extremely rich vegetation. The wide and white sandy beaches of San Vincenzo, Vada and Baratti alternate with the deep beaches with dark sand of Cecina, Bibbona and Castagneto. Everything around breathes the happy and magical sense of Tuscany: here the guests can choose between recuperation, culture, natural adventure or favorite sporting opportunities. All of these aspects are present and ready to enjoy: exhibitions, ballet with international standards, folklore plays, concerts, horse races, discotheques and walks by the ocean offer the chance for an unforgettable adventure and the opportunity to get to know the country and the people.

The Etruscan did value very much the area where she lived, worked and traded. The death sites of Baratti and Populonia testify in an outstanding way the melting of nature, culture and death traditions. Important witnesses of their lives, their culture and their art are also in Vada, Cecina and in the museum of Rosignano and Cecina. Very descriptive are the explanations of the working phases and techniques for the mining of iron ore and other metals in the archeological park of San Silvestro by Campiglia.

The ocean:
The ocean is the soul of the Costa degli Etruschi.
It lives in history, in the landscape and provides the sunset with light, and its scent glides into the mildness of the air. You can see the ocean from all the medieval towns and the hills. It offers the center and the middle point and borders on deep pine forests as well as the green landscape full of Macchia.
You will find the alternation of white and dark sandy beaches and cliffs that were created by the wind. There will be a variety of bays, old towers that were used to protect the area from pirates and they now rise like broken teeth out of the hills.
This is the ocean where the Etruscan traded their goods, where they settled and where they created the unique necropolis at the coast in Baratti. Today the depth of the ocean still hides treasures of nations and cultures that frequently used the trading street of the Etruscan coast.

At the end of the 19th century the first public Italian swimming pools were build in Livorno as the people discovered the beauty of a beach vacation for tourism.

The EU awarded Castiglioncello and Marina di Castagneto with the environmental sign of the blue flag for the outstanding quality of the ocean water that indicates the quality of the towns San Vincenzo, Baratti, Vada, Bibbona, Donoratico, Rosognano, Cecina, Quercianella. Those towns are harmonically embedded in the green of nature, shady pine forests and are not too far to the old communities at the hills that create the culture-historical core of the area. This landscape is fascinating in every season.

The nature park of Colline Livornesi is important and touching with its history as well as its untouched nature and it spreads from Livorno to Collesalvetti and Rosignano. Their ways curves through endless forests of moor herbs, evergreen cross thorns, flowers, stone oaks, cork oaks and pine trees. In the park Magona by Bibbona you will find ways and roads that stretch more than 50 km through the forest, which is a biogenetic oasis of the C.N.R.. Here you can view a variety of vegetation: the deer, big horns and squirrels in their natural habitat.
Over 20 percent of the territory consists out of parks and nature conservations. For example, directly by the ocean is the oasis of Bolgheri, which is the first animal protection area of Italy. In the botanical oasis of Orti-Bottagone, 12 km from Piombino, where you will view the sweet – and salt-water swamps one can find flamingos, ibises and cranes. The Magona park by Bibbona hosts in the incredible forest a biological zone. This zone is the home of deers and big horns. The Rimigliano Park besides San Vincenzo, is a lavish oasis that hosts one of the most beautiful beaches of the Costa degli Etruschi.

Rental fee per week:
2017/18      Iris/Sunflower/Pansy       Geranium      Poppy
Pers.             2/3/4                   2/3          2
26.08.-16.09.    810/830/860           830/860        750
16.09.-21.10.    680/710/740           710/740        630
01.03.-24.03.    680/710/740           710/740        630
24.03.-09.06.    810/830/860           830/860        750
09.06.-14.07.    860/910/960           910/960        830
14.07.-01.09.   1020/1090/1160         1090/1160      940
01.09.-22.09.    810/840/870           830/860        750
22.09.-27.10.    680/710/740           710/740        630
Pool open from 15th May until 15th September!

End cleaning 40,00 Euro at location.
Free: Electricity/ water/ gas/ pool/ barbeque
Heater and air conditioning payable on location 10,- per day, in Pervinca inklusive.
Sheets/ towels: 15,00 Euro per person/change
Washing machine 3,- per filling.
Arrival: preferable 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm (otherwise arranged by phone conversation), departure latest by 9:30 am.
Deposit: 200,00 Euro in cash, will be returned by departure
Children bed 20,00 Euro per week.
Extra bes (adult) 10,- per day.
Dogs 40,- per week. (max 2)


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