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Attractive, well maintained family small estate directly by the ocean with private sandy beach; glorious view to Zakynthos; quiet surroundings; lovely host; three vacation homes, each with 5 apartments for 2 – 4 people; patio (separate and side by side); air-conditioning; partly ocean view; large estate; grassy area; adjoined camp ground; mini grocery store; mail box; play ground; washer; parking spaces; enclosed; bar; restaurant; card-telephone; table tennis; community room with SAT-TV; ATM; wonderful for children; dogs welcome.

The small and well maintained estate Fournia Beach by Kastro is a very attractive family property, owned by the brothers Lefkaditi. The estate has an outstanding location, is close to the ocean, has a wonderful ocean view, a sandy beach, surrounded by the green of the neighboring landscape, has less tourism and impressed with it’s typical Greek atmosphere. The watches still tick here according to the season and as sunny as the weather is the atmosphere. Things here are relaxed and the service is tranquil and direct. The entire property is in first class condition and you can fell the lovingly care of the hosts.

As I visited the Fournia in May 2004 and wandered from my vacation home towards the ocean, I more or less stumbled over the Fournia. Here I noticed that people were working on every corner. Last covers for the parking spaces were installed, the panoramic patio to the ocean and a bar were build and more. I was absolutely positively surprised by the property and instead of just buying some wine in the mini grocery store, I decided to look for the owner and to asked him if he might be interested in taking some more guests. I was immediately invited to coffee and ouzo and was told about the family cuisine and the family history. To make a long story short: I took the Fournia into our program.

The Fouria is an estate that includes vacation apartments, a camp place (that I don’t offer except one caravan) and it is planned to have a pension in 2006.

The well maintained area is spacious, partly untouched nature, partly like a park and it offers plenty of space for your children’s carefree play. Obviously they will also have the opportunity to play on the play ground on swings, seesaw, climbing tower and a slide. The owner are equally family as pet friendly and children friendly.

Quiet amidst wide olive groves and melon fields lies the Fournia tranquil and close to the ocean in between nature. The property has it’s own large and wide private beach with beach showers. It offers a wonderful ocean view all the way to the island of Zahynthos and Kephalonia. You will have a large grassy area with umbrellas out of palm leaves, an illuminated entrance to the beach via a wooden staircase (on it’s middle a bar with panorama patio). The estate is framed by pine trees, Macchia, Oregano and a number of wonderful scenting wild herbs.

There are lots of plants on the property, including fig trees, Tamarisken, eucalyptus, red currant bushes, olive trees, pines, palm trees, hibiscus, jasmine, oleander, geranium, roses, agaves, bougainvillea, cactus, ferns, banana bushes and much more.

You can expect all kind of service: a restaurant is equally present as a mini market, card telephone, a small house with small kitchen, a pick nick area, table tennis, mail box, washer and a community room with SAT-TV.

The apartments are actually connected bungalows – each of the three homes (row-houses) have 5 apartments. Each comes with an approx. 20 qm large, separate, covered, furnished and shady patio. All apartments include a bedroom with double bed and 1 – 2 single beds, bed site table and lamps, cabinets and a kitchen with 2-plate stove, cabinets, refrigerator with freezer unit and a bathroom with toilet and shower. All apartments have air-conditioning and include a parking space. The estate is completely enclosed.


After just approx. 800 meter you will find the wide and incredible kilometer long sandy beach. You won’t be able to find a better place for a nice beach vacation, since the sandy beaches with the glorious dunes belong to the most beautiful ones in southern Greece. You will find plenty of water sports opportunities in almost all surrounding towns.

The emblem of the very fertile half-island Elis is the castle Chlemutsi that can be already seen from afar. It lies approx. 3 km south of Kyllini and 2 km from the ocean. From this mighty castle ruin, which is illuminated by night, has every guest a great view to the mountain (east) and the Ionic Islands to the west. Below the mountain tops where the castle is located, are the houses of Kastro picturesque embedded in the hills. The town is prepared for mass tourism and offers some taverns, cafés, grocery store, gas station, bakery and a bus stop. All shopping opportunities, pharmacy and post office can also be found after 4 – 5 km in the harbor town of Kyllini. Here you can take also ferries to

the neighboring islands Zakynthos (car ferry) with it’s beautiful blue grotto and the Caretta station with the breeding of water turtle and to island of Kefalonia.

You can find a “health center” with emergency doctor in a distance of just 12 km in GASTOUNI. It is also just 12 km to the main road PATRAS-PIRGOS and just 40 minutes to the airport of Araxos. You will find a bank in Vartholomio (8km), and bank teller also in Kyllini at the harbor. Thermal baths in Loutra by Kyllini after approx. 6 km from the town. Besides Kastro offers Olympia a cultural highlight as well as the antique Elis with it’s new (hard to find) museum.

Rental fee per week:
Mittelsaison 01. 06. - 30. 06. und 15. 09. - 30. 09.

Hauptsaison 01. 07. - 15. 09.

App.    2 Pers.  470,-      490,-    550,-
App.    3 Pers.  520,-      550,-    610,-
APP:    4 Pers.  570,-      610,-    660,-  


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