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Secret for insiders – a paradise outside the mass tourism: four beautiful, very quiet vacation apartments with balcony; suitable for 3 – 4 people on 45 or 50 qm; just 350 meter to the ocean with lonely beaches; glorious ocean and panoramic view; air-conditioning; mosquito window and door – nets; barbecue in the large garden; washer of the owner can be used; large roof patio; wonderful untouched nature; ideal for children; pets welcome.

The family apartments Agios Andreas are just 350 meter from the ocean and it’s secluded pepple beaches. The house is located in the middle of a large olive grove and has a beautiful view over the ocean and to the mountain tops of Parnons. The entirely empty beaches are smoothly descending into the water and perfect for your children. The water is clean and free of any pollution. Walks towards the south and north end usually in pretty beach pubs or at the harbor pub from Dimitris that always can offer you anything that your heart might desires (if you don’t carry money in your swimming cloth – don’t worry - you can pay later).

Directly behind the ocean is some sort of nature protective area. Here you will find an unique plant and animal world. It is not rare that you will cross, on your way to the beach, numerous Greek turtles. Behind this area you will see the olive groves and vegetable gardens.
The distance to the town amounts 3 km.
The Agios Andres apartments are separate units with a family and typical Greek atmosphere. They are ideal for guests that are looking for tranquility in peaceful nature and carefree relaxation together with your children (who can play carefree in the spacious area) or for guests that need recuperation in nature and the ocean.
The apartments are close by Paralio Astros (a small castle build in 1825 during the Greek freedom fights) and Agios Andreas and they offer also the guests the opportunity to choose between secluded and lively beaches.
The house has two floors. On the top is a spacious roof patio where you can spend hours of relaxing and enjoy the Greek sun, the ocean or the moon light and the stars. The roof patio, which can be reached via a spiral staircase, is a true highlight. You will delighted by the breathtaking panoramic view over the entire area (ocean, nature, mountains, olive groves...). Here you also will find pretty tables and benches as well as lounge chairs to relax and to take a sun bath.
Each floor of the house holds 2 furnished apartments of 45 or 55 qm. Each apartment is suitable for 2 – 4 people. Each apartment includes a separate bedroom (comfortable, large beds) and a large living room/kitchen combination (table, chairs) with fitted kitchen (completely equipped) with 2 plate-stove and grill function, coffee maker, cabinets, a hallway and a separate bathroom with shower. The entire house, from the hallways to the roof patio, is tiled so that it can be easily and hygienically cleaned and all the sand be wiped off. The air-conditioning in every apartment serves for appropriate room temperature and the integrated fly windows keep away unwanted guests.
All apartments are equipped with air-conditioning and warm water throughout the day. Obviously you also will get towels and sheets (for free) that are frequently changed.
The house also has a large court yard with car ports, oven and barbecue that can be used by all guests. Here, as well as in the garden, you will always have the opportunity to play with your children or depending on the season you can pick oranges, lemons, tomatoes or salads. Fresh eggs, olive oil and wine will be gladly provided by the owner’s parents farm.
During the evenings, it is also very lovely to enjoy some small talk with Takis, the owner. He most likely will offer you some of his coffee, ouzo, frappe or wine.
The large furnished patios/ balconies offer a wonderful view over nature but also the romantic corners of the farm guarantee a stay with special charm.
The apartments are located amidst an enchanting and harmonic landscape where you will find the unique and picturesque alliance of ocean and mountains: a landscape with outstanding natural beauty. Close by you will find a pond called Moustos, which is an unique refuge for birds in the eastern Peloponnes.
After a few kilometers you will see the mountain region Pamon, which is also know as Kronion Oros, since it is the holy mountain of Kronos, father of Zeus.
The guests are invited to chose between two tours that are equally enchanting. Either you can visit the mountain villages or you can visit and observe the rich vegetation and rare and protected animals that live around the mountain region and listen to the water springs.
Just three kilometer from the apartments lies the town of Ag. Andreas, a mid-size town where you will find anything you might need on a daily basis. Small grocery stores, cafés, bakery, post office, hair dresser, book stores and more are open until 11 PM. And if you are through with your shopping you can finally enter one of the numerous taverns and start the comfortable part of the day. The most beautiful place is the Platia (town’s square) across the mighty church. This is also the meeting place for all residents. Here they can share news and have some chats.
The people in this part of Greece are very friendly and very sociable. Here does the word Xenos still mean friend and not foreigner. It is not seldom that you will be invited for a free drink just after 1 – 2 day stay. A Greek gesture that is foreign to many visitors. If you feel like walking in the evenings, you should wander through the pretty alleys of this town. Here you always discover something new. Very impressive are also the Greek orthodox churches in town that are decorated lavishly and beautifully.
You also have to visit in Ag. Andreas the small harbor with their fishing boats and their taverns and the beach Mylos, which is truly the jewel of this town.
Further on you will find the picturesque and traditional towns of Prastos, Kastanitsa, Sitaina and Platanos that proudly look through the green hills.

From Ag. Andreas towards the south leads a beautiful coastal road approximately 40 km to Leonidon. If you once traveled on this road it will stay in your memory forever. Endlessly winds this road until it suddenly opens to some sort of delta. Here you can expect a fantastic color play in blue (ocean) and green (lavish and fertile vegetation), which is quiet an unique experience.
You can also choose another route in direction of Astros – from here you can visit the villages of Ag. Ioannis, Ag. Petros and Kastri, which have picturesque stone houses and small alleys that will satisfy the eyes of every guests.
Beside the natural beauty of the landscape offers this area rich archeological sites. In Astros you will find important museum and some kilometer further you can visit archaeological sites of Eva with the castle of Herodes Attikos.

An especial nuance offers the picturesque village of Paralio Astros with it’s pretty harbor, castle and numerous fishing taverns that always offer fresh fish and other ocean fruits.
You will have the opportunity from Paralio Astro to go onto a cruise once a week to the islands Spetyes and Hydra that are close by.

Agios Andreas as well as the other town that you can visit on the southern coast of Kynourias, such as Tyros, Leonidio, Livadi, Sampatiki are famous for their fishing taverns and octopus.

It is also very simple for guests to experience day trips to other important archeological sites or tourist towns – first of all obviously to Nafplion, the first Greek capital (before Anthen) with it’s famous castles Palamidi and Bourtzi.

Not far away is Argos, the oldest European city, and Mykene, Tiryns and the famous antique theater of Epidaurus and Tolo. In north-western direction you can view the antique Olympia and to the south you will find Monemvasia, Elafonisos and Mystras.

The airport of Athen is in a distance of just 2 hours, the same is true for the harbor of Piräus.

Twice a week you will have the opportunity to visit markets in the cities of Argos or astros. From the early morning there will be trading and haggling. Groceries, plants, pottery, clothing, fabric, seasoning.... everything will be traded and it is a lot of fun to observe the lively shopping.

Ending comments: Hospitality is not a foreign word but it is self-understanding.

Children and pets are welcome.

Rental fee per week:
                         3 oder 4 Per     4 Pers.

02. 09. - 30. 06.      530,-          510,-

01. 07. - 31. 08.      610,-          580,-

01. 09. - 30. 06.      530,-          510,-    
End cleaning 50,-
15 days = 14 days payment


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