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Small idyllically located family business – just like at Mom’s: Twenty beautiful, well maintained and quiet studios (apartments) with balcony or patio of approx. 50 qm; own food preparation or choose between breakfast or half-pension; mostly with ocean view and view over the X10 gulf or nature panorama; just 300 meter to the kilometer long pebble beach; tropic, lovely maintained garden estate with lounge chairs, umbrellas, exterior showers, snacks; orange grove; air-conditioning/ central heating; SAT-TV; internet connection; telephone, bar; parking spaces; dogs upon request; children below 5 years stay for free.

The Heleni apartments are located a little off the old Edidauros. It offers a wonderful view onto the Saronic gulf (approx. 3 km to Achaia Epidauros/Palea) and during the night you will be able to see the lights of Piraeus. The house is situated amidst a beautiful and lovely maintained tropic and sub-tropic garden estate. The house is lead by Eleni and Nikos as well as their sons Stefanos and Kostas. The garden is lavishly planted with Bougainvillea, palm trees, oleander, roses and lots of other (depending on season) blooming flowers – the scents are incredible, especially during the spring months. You will see plenty of sparrows that are nesting in the roofs and that are natural mosquito destroyer. In the summer month you will hear cicadas and in the autumn you will witness the absolute quietness almost physically – a perfect oasis of tranquility for every stressed out city person.

The idyllic estate is a family business with small farm (oranges, fruit, vegetables and chicken – daily fresh eggs and always fresh vegetables!) and understood best as what you call in Italy the Azienda Agritourism. The sons, Stefanos and Kostas, are the caretaker of the garden and both are working in the service area as well. The father leads the farm. Stefano is the main person responsible for service and management, he speaks English. Mother Eleni is the soul of the kitchen and cooks wonderful traditional Greek dishes – and with the freshest indigents. Altogether they create a perfect unit and they are all highly hospitable.

The small family estate holds 20 very spacious (all between 45 and 55 qm) apartments (studios with kitchenette, 2 plate-stove, refrigerator/freezer unit), each suitable for 2 people (studio) or 3 people (suite). All include a bathroom with shower, balconies or patios (approx. 5 qm) spread out in 5 small and separate bungalow houses that are build on a spacious hill. All are grouped around a large grassy area with lounge chairs, chairs and umbrellas. The grassy area flushes with a large covered patio where all guest can enjoy their breakfast. Upon request, here you can take your lunch or indulge in dinners out of Mother Elenis kitchen. The breakfast is kept more in the guests taste since most guest hardly enjoy Feta cheese, cucumber, tomato and olive early in the day. Therefore, breakfast consists out of coffee (either Greek coffee or tea), freshly pressed orange juice, fresh eggs, fresh corn bread, homemade orange marmalade (delicious), honey, yogurt, ham and cheese. The breakfast can also be brought to your room or balcony upon request.

Warm evenings could be spend on the patio enjoying the starry sky and listening to quiet Greek music and a drink, which might bring you in the perfect dancing mood. Stefano will gladly advise you about the art of Greek dancing.

The Heleni apartments are located quietly at a road less traveled – approximately 300 meter to the ocean. A shady path leads through the estate and the orange grove (where you will find a changing room and a sweet water shower) to the spacious kilometer long pebble beach with lounge chairs. You will be delighted by the panorama: an enchanted green coast with Mediterranean landscape formed by pines (great fragrance combination between ocean scent and pine wood) cypress and eucalyptus trees and the blue panorama of crystal clear water. It is pure pleasure to swim in this quiet and very clean water (also for children – smoothly descending). At the beach you can wander towards old Epidauros (the last meters via a road though a orange grove) and you will find antique sites and other sight-worthy places.
If you enter God’s home
Scenting of frankincense
You must be immaculate
And your thoughts must be immaculate
If you think with reverence.
(stone board by Propylaen)

Now we arrive in Epidaurus with all it’s Asklepios- sanctuaries ( Asklepis temple, roman baths, Thymele (Tholos), Artemis temple, gymnasium, station, Hippodrom, roman Odeion....), archeological museum and the famous theater (entrance cards are available during the play season in Heleni).

If you value the classical antique and if you are torn a little bit, like myself, towards Paganism you will greatly value this place since you will find a spectacular fusion of antique and ocean, culture and nature.

Besides the excavation sites, Epidaurus is worth a visit, since in Palea Epidaurus you can stroll around the small romantic harbor and watch the fishermen during their daily work (mending the fishing nets). During the main season you will even see small or larger yacht boats and in July and August when the theater shows plays, you will find attractive trading booths where you can buy native products. Obviously here you will also find taverns, bars, cafés, grocery stores..... but you will never find mass tourism and the atmosphere always remains Greek. In town you will have a pharmacy and a dentist. A hospital can be found in the neighboring town of Ligurio.

It is possible to undertake a trip from Epidauros to the Nafplio (Nauplia) (50 km distance) and this is a must!

Nafplio is blessed with three, at nighttime illuminated, castles. The castles are Bourtzi, which lies in front of the harbor (can be reached by boat), Akronauplia and Palamidi, which is the in beautiful old city part with Turkish impressions, mosques, museum and a sight-worthy harbor. Nafplio is the gem of the antiquity. You will find a variety of lovely taverns, gorgeous fountains and charming stores that sell everything from cloth, handicrafts and antiques. I would not miss to eat an ice cream in the traditional Italian gelateria – an ice cream that I hardly found any better in Greece.

Between 1829 and 1834 was Nafplio the capitol of the freed Greece and still you can witness a worldly open and traditional atmosphere.

Around Nafplio you will find variety of beaches, so the bay of Karathona (see photo – closest beach to the house, 2 km length) with rental of umbrellas, lounge chairs, surfboards and boats (parking possibility, 2 taverns and bars) as well as the beaches Tolo and Drepanon ( in 5 – 10 minutes).

Although Nafplio and it’s beaches is very attractive for beach fans, Argolis is also very pleasing to culture fans.

Towns like Mykene with it’s lion gate and home of Agamemnons (you should read the Orestie or modern legends of the old Greek antiquity), Argos (roman thermal bath, Odeon, theater, museum), Tiryns with impressive zyclope wall, further on the famous theater of Epidauros plus a gymnasium, Aeskulap temple..., Korinth with Akrokorinth – the town are plentiful and you can even reach Olympia or Delphi within one day trip.

And if this is still not enough, you should visit the half-island of Spetses and Poros (1 hour). Here you can take the flying Dolphins to Hydra (no cars!). During the main season you will find boats that from Epidauros to Agina or through the gulf of Korinth (day trip).

The distance to the airport in Athens amounts approx. 150 km.

Rental fee per week b & b:

                    3 pers.      4 Pers.     5 Pers.    6 Pers

Jan.-Juni           800,-         900,-      1000,-    1100,-

Juli - Sept.        950,-        1090,-      1190,-    1250,-

Okt - Dez.          800,-         900,-      1000,-    1100,-

Studios             2 Pers     3 Pers      4 Pers

Jan. - Juni         650,-      750,-        850,-

Aug/Sept            750,-      900,-        1100,-

Okt.-Dez            650,-      750,-        850,- 


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