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Beautiful, outstanding, almost perfectly equipped very quiet nature rock vacation home in dreamy green landscape; enclosed garden; rental unit spread over two floors and suitable for up to 6 (8) people; positioned in small picturesque village; ocean view; patio of 60 and 20 qm; two bathrooms; three bedrooms; 60 qm living area with kitchen and glass-ceramic cooktop panel; approximately 3,5 km to the ocean with sandy and pebble beach and secluded bays; washer; mobile air-conditioning; central heater; open fire place; telephone; large freezer; microwave; toaster; iron; vacuum cleaner... bibliotheque; CD player; pizza oven; barbecue; exterior shower; ideally for families, hikers, mountain biker; good infrastructure; perfect location to all cultural sites; parking opportunities; dogs permitted. New: Wifi-Internet access!

The 100 year old nature-rock country house was remodeled into the vacation home Arcadia in Ano. The renovation was based on the desire to create a lively and lovely recuperation place for families or small groups amidst an idyllic location, closeness to the ocean and dreamy nature. It was suppose to satisfy all those who want to flee the hectic city life and who want to be greeted in a comfortable location in a typical and most peaceful atmosphere.

Here is the living space integrated with nature which addresses all people. People in desperate need of recuperation will have the opportunity to retract from daily life , professional life and private pressure situation and to find themselves again and to win new creative energy.

The distance to the ocean and the pebble beach (smoothly descending – ideally also for children) amounts approximately 3,5 km. After 4 km there is an adjoined swimming bay on the right side of Paralia Tyros with three picturesque small wind mills. Further on you will find the large Christopherus – bay in the north with coarse and find pebble beach and after that Paralia Tyros with a long and narrow town beach. You will find at the close by town of Paralia Tyros (3,5 – 4 km) a bicycle rental and sufficient water sports opportunities as well as grocery shops, gas station and more.

The natural rock house offers an ocean view from the living room, patio and garden (not from every spot). The 120 qm house is spread over two floors (connected by a spiral staircase) and it is suitable for 6 (8) people. You will find 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms with shower, hallway, living room (60 qm) with integrated kitchen, numerous patios and a wash room. Upon request there is the possibility to rent some additional rooms at a neighboring house.

The 60 qm large living room is equipped very cozy and gives you a beautiful living atmosphere. The comfortable dinning place opposite the integrated kitchen will quickly become, with a glass Retsina, your favorite place in the house.

The open roof is from the inside designed with bamboo and wood in the traditional way and it is isolated towards heat or cold according newest standards so that it will be in the summer month enjoyable cool and in the winter months easily heated. There is also a mobile air-conditioning available for truly heat days. The traditional wooden floor is placed on wooden bars.

On the ground floor, below the living room, you will find 3 bedrooms, one larger with own bathroom (shower, toilet, sink – all kept in marble) and the entrance to the 20 qm large breakfast patio (partial covered, partially sunny and with large table and six aluminum chairs / reachable via an exterior staircase from the living room on the second floor) as well as 2 smaller bedrooms that share one bathroom with shower (also kept in marble).

All bedrooms are equipped with two beds (and of course bed site table and back-friendly mattresses) and sufficient closets. The closets have sufficient storage space and hold besides beach towels, towels, sheets and wash cloths. (This is untypical for vacation homes.) You will also find other extremely important things like snorkel, diving glasses and a harpoon (not quiet sure if that is still there) and also shoe cleaning material, iron, and a vacuum cleaner. “The house is completely equipped with everything that you are used to from home. For the stay you solely need your personal items” - this quote came from the home owner and you really can trust that.

Here some details: The kitchen is outstanding and offers enough equipment for 9 people. You will find a stove with ceramic cooktop panel and oven, a refrigerator with freezer unit, an additional microwave, a separate oven and barbecue, a large freezer, coffee maker, toaster, cuisinart, electric knife ... - everything that you used to from home (pots, pans, molds, dishes, utensils,... for more than 8 people). The kitchen is integrated into the living room. Here you will find a well selected libery with fiction and travel guides, information about Greek and psychological literature (the owner are psychologists), a telephone (just put the money into the olive wood bowl), CD player with speakers, an open fire place, electric heater (in the entire house) and cozy living room furniture.

Adjoined to the Arcadia is a 60 qm patio, that leads to a beautiful green garden (approximately 150 qm) that is enclosed by a brick wall. Here awaits you a very comfortable idyll. You will find, besides olives and lemons, also avage, lavender, geranium..., an exterior shower, a brick barbecue and a huge brick pizza oven.

Before you ask about the TV: this is consciously not provided and if you are worried about the soccer championship you will not find any better place to watch TV than the numerous tavern, where you can excitingly watch the results together with the Greeks. Soccer among the Greeks is an adventure of an unique kind.

Besides the main building you will find a small annex where you can use the electric washer. Behind the house is an exterior shower and sufficient space to dry your cloth.

Please take in consideration that the town Ano Tyros is in a distance of approximately 3,5 – 4 km from the coastal town of Paralia Tyros and lies above at the mountain range. The walking distance towards the town amounts approximately 45 minutes (360 m height difference) and the time for the walk into the town amounts therefore, depending on condition and heat, approximately 1,3 hour. We recommend, if you have not planned a hiking vacation, to rent a small car. You can find taverns as well as grocery stores, butcher and more half way to the town (approx. after 1,5 km).

The entrance to the house has a blue forged garden door. The house lies approx. 10 meter below the less traveled small town road which has a turning point above the house. There you will also find enough parking spaces. The Arcadia can be reached from the parking area via a naturel rock staircase. Should you arrive at night time, it makes sense to bring your own food.

In Paralia Tyros below at the ocean you will find the stores open daily until the late hours of the evening.

The town of Ano Tyros:

The town Ano Tyros lies at the Argolic gulf, protected by the Parnon mountain. You will see typical country homes with brick enclosed courtyards and blooming garden impress this picturesque town, where the past is still lively present. The inhabitants still meet at the village spring to fetch fresh drinking water and share the news. Social structure and building fabric carry an almost archaic characteristic, which guarantees best hospitality (xenophile).

A little bit below the village lies the fishing town of Paralia Tyros: small bays, fishing boats in twinkled ocean blue of the mid-day sun, the small harbor, where you will find colorful caikis, a fisher repairing his nets, cozy cafes, taverns at the beach in the shade of grape vines, sky, ocean and land in peaceful tranquility, an idyll in blue, green, turquoise and emerald.

If you sit down for a coffee with the village residents, you will discover fairly quickly how down-to-earth, affectionate and hospitable those people are.

Advise: Try in the small family restaurant the specialties of the region: fish barbecued on charcoal, skewered lamb, salats, fresh vegetables, goat cheese, olives and aromatic wine from sun heated vineyards.

You will experience the Greek daily life in the surrounding villages with their lively operations, handicraft and trade. Traditions and folksy customs are still been maintained.

Around Ano Tyros you will find wonderful hiking paths with various vegetation and animals. Spices and healing herbs fill the air with their scents.

The blooming meadow with anemone, marguerite and corn poppy will invite you for a stroll. In the shade of olive groves will you find the recuperating tranquility and you will enjoy the wide view over the small bay and the brusque rocky massive.

You can be pampered at the pretty sand and pebble beaches from the sun. The transparent clear water invites you to swim and surf and the versatile under-water-world thrills the divers. Or just experience, during the evenings, with a glass of wine, an atmospheric, recuperating and overwhelming sun set.

From Tyros you will have an ideal starting point for numerous excursion and trips. A hydrofoil floats with you to the Greek pirate islands Hydra and Spetses. Especially the Peloponnes offers important European art history:

Temples, castles, museums, churches and monasteries, interesting archeological excavations in Argos, Mykene, Nafplio, Tyrins, Epidauros (after 1 -1,5 hours), Akrokorinth, Korinth (approx. 2 hours), Monemvassia after approx. 3 hours, then Sparta, Mistra but also Olympia (as day trip)....

On the coastal road, that leads you through Paralia Tyros and that is regarded as Europes most beautiful road, you will reach by car or bus all the surrounding town center: to Astros, Argos or Leonidio. The first capital was Nafplio and its old part of town has plenty to offer: flower loaded balconies, spring fountains out of the Osman period, angled alleys that were build by the Venetian, a very well kept fortress Palamidi, cozy streets and street cafe and much more.

Arrival: Flight to Athens – 245 km to Ano Tyros (best with rental car, taxi cab cost approx. 130,-) or cab from the airport to Kiffison (bus terminal) approx. 15,- and then further on by bus to Tyros.

Or arrival by train to Argos, then rental car or cab.

Ferry: Venice, Ancona or Brindisi. The route Patras-Korinth-Tyros amounts approx. 250 km.

From all arrival points you can take a bus (KTEL) towards Leonnidio and then to Tyros (cab until Ano Tyros, 4 km). From Athens you can take a speedboat (Flying Dolphin) to Nafplio – then further with the bus. During some months (main season) the Flying Dolphin will go all the way to Paralia Tyros.

Rental fee per week:
01. 05. - 30. 09.: 590,-
01. 10. - 30. 04.: 520,-

End cleaning 60,-
Electricity/water/Wifi inclusive. Telephone as used.

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