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Studio-apartment with wonderful panorama view; very quiet location amidst a typical Cilento mountain village; meals are possible in Azienda Casa Leone (10 m distance); 2 bedrooms; 2 bathrooms; large living room/ kitchen combination; wide window front; very light; with view over the valley all the way to the ocean (8 km).

The apartment Santa Maria was named after its owner Maria Fierro. Her motherly, accommodating and shy personality will warm even the heart of the more reserved guest. The apartment is located in the small village of Terradura in the national park of Cilento, approximately 70 km south of Salerno.

Terradura is an old, typical southern Italian mountain village, that consists out of approx. 60 homes and which is picturesque embedded into the landscape. Especially in the spring burst the landscape with its olive groves, the variety of rare trees and will lure even the less sporty guests to long hikes. Therefore, Terradura is considered the stronghold for hikers, mountain bikers and drivers.

The village inhabitants are very friendly to guests and are very helpful. The meeting places are by Hugo or Maria (owner) at their small bar in town or you will just sit along the road (almost no traffic) so that you can experience the atmosphere closely. You will immediately leave behind all hectic and stress and you can carefree enjoy the timeless southern Italian way of life.

Not to forget are the passionate political debate around its highlight, the vote for major (there are only a few men left in town that have not been nominated yet), or the wine- liking priest as well as the typical town fool that all together create a reality of the cliché of Don Camillo and Pepone.

Two small grocery stores, the post office and driving sales men that sell fruit, vegetable or fish complete the town’s picture.

Already in spring, but also in autumn, prevail summery temperature, so that those seasons are very recommended. The high summer is very beautiful as well and not too hot either. Because of its special location will the town be cool during the evening hours.

The apartment Santa Maria lies in exposed location and contains, thanks to its hilly location, a fantastic view over the valley, the antique sites of Velia all the way to the ocean. The ocean with its 7 km long sandy beach is only in a distance of 8 km. With a car you can reach the beach town of Marina di Ascea comfortably in 10 – 15 minutes.

Living in Santa Maria:

The Santa Maria is a spacious apartment with two bedrooms, a kitchen a living room and two bathrooms on the lower level of a 3-story building in a hill location. You will have an enormous window front that overflows the living room and the kitchen with light. You will be completely separate and able to carefree enjoy your vacation (various stair entrances). Through the annex of a small and long patio will you further come into the enjoyment of the panoramic view. In front of the garden is a spread-out garden filled with lemon, orange and olive trees (and steam) that borders directly onto the estate of Azienda Casa Leone. (It is not a common garden but a large area with build and free region with olive groves.

Furthermore is the usage of the patio, the parking spaces as well as the cuisine of the Azienda Casa Leone not only possible but also requested.

Noteworthy in the apartment is the large living room (8,6 x 4,6 m) and its counter tops (2,3 x 3.0 m) that divide the kitchen from the living room. Through its ceiling height (4,5 m) and the window front that spreads over the entire lengths of the living quarters, holds the apartment the characteristics of a studio. Its entire appearance is sunny, light and friendly. The floors are tiled in light-brown, which adds to the light look.

The living room consists out of two tables, one with chairs as a seating corner, 8 chairs, a side table and a sleeping sofa. The atmosphere is relaxed through plants.

The equipment in the kitchen includes a refrigerator with freezer unit, a stove with oven, a sink and a variety of cabinets. The kitchen is separated from the living area through a marble sideboard.

The bedrooms contains each a double bed. You will find in the second bedroom an additional single bed (obligatorical cabinets, closets…)

Both bedrooms have adjoined tiled bathrooms: one with a shower and the second one with toilet, bidet and shower.

Rental fee per week:
16. 09. - 21. 10. 2017     400,- Euro
21. 10. - 23. 03. 2018     320,- Euro
23. 03. - 26. 05. 2018     400,- Euro
26. 05. - 23. 06. 2018     480,- Euro
23. 06. - 28. 07. 2018     530,- Euro
28. 07. - 01. 09. 2018     560,- Euro
01. 09. - 15. 09. 2018     450,- Euro
15. 09. - 20. 10. 2018     400,- Euro
20. 10. - 28. 02. 2019     320,- Euro
End cleaning 46,-; sheets/towels 10,- per person.


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