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The Organic farm of Rosellina Di Salvo is situated in the area of Petralia Sottana (PA) at an altitude of 450 metres. The Farm is part of the large estate Kibbo-Barbarigo purchased in 1930 by the owners grandfather, Liborio Di Salvo.

Thanks to the owners initiative, the Farms productions,traditionally dedicated to cereal growing, has now been reconverted in part to intensive production of wheat,while an area of 20 hectars,has been converted to the cultivation of walnut-trees and cherry-trees.
Moreover 3600 olive trees cultivation of Nocellara del Belice and Biancolilla have also been planted.
Thanks to careful family management of the owner Rosellina, Maurizio and Eleonora and Laura all the phases of the productive process are carefully controlled and cerified: olive picking exclusively done by hand not to spoil the olives,is immediately followed by continuous cycle pressing. The oil is then transferred in to stainless steel tanks,for a period of natural settling before bottling.The Farm follows the CEE regulation 2080/91 of wholly organic agriculture. The organic Oil Kibo produced in the farm is an entirely organic product which has been awarded the denomination DOP Val Di Mazara.It has ayellow greenish colour. It has a fruity taste of olives picked at the right moment of maturity,slightly bitter and spicy,with a pleasant aroma of fresh herbs and wild fennel. This Oil has remarkable vivacity and is excellent to enhance the flavour of any dish.

We offer accomodation in lovely apartment for four people, or you can stay in bed and breakfast, cycling tours, cooking courses with organic food, how to make bread and pizza with our special antique oven, gardening courses, sampler and textile design courses, relaxing holidays in a special place where you can also visit Sicily , for the special location we have, just in the center of Sicily.

Newspaper article:
Eleonora Briguglia: the art in the farm
After expericenes around the world she decides to return home, in her Sicily because "if we respect our earth our future could have some better expectations"
by T N
My name is Eleonora Briguglia. I was born on the April 8th, 1975. I have always had the passion for art and eating healthy, good food. When I finished the School of Art in Palermo, I went to live and experience in the U.K. I lived in London (England),where I have studied at Central ST,Martins, doing a textile course. Then working as textile designer for few different company. Also, I went to manage a company in India making textiles. After 8 years I decided to follow the calling from my mother earth. I always missed the smell of the food, the smell of the land, and all concerning country living.Now I found that is the best to mix design and country living also with life style , I always include my creativity in all I do, including our olive oil label for Kibo’. I went back and and after graduating from the University of Operatore del Turismo Culturale I did a Masters in Rural Tourism and Agriculture. Last year I started a course in Catania in tasting olive oil. I also would like to do olive table specialization, and so for the last three years I have been helping on my family’s farm which we have owned for three generations. My grandfather started with cereals and wheat, my mom added olive trees and walnuts trees, and I have always had the passion for olive oil. We drink olive oil, we love all olive oil, and I realize how important it is for you to take care of your mother land like a baby. If we respect our earth our future could have some better expectations.

How to arrive:
Take the Motorway Palermo-Catania, exit Resuttano, from there in 10 km you are in Borgo Tudia.

Rental fee per week:
Ganzjährig 890,- in der Ferienwohnung
Sonderpreis für Zimmer pro Paar: 500,- im Mai, Juni und ab Oktober, 700,- im Juli und August.
Inkl.:Erlaubis, sich an allen biologisch-organischen landwirtschaftlichen Produkten, Gemüsen, Obst etc. völlig frei
zu halten, was natürlich den Mietpreis erheblich reduziert.

Keine Strom-, Gas-, Wasserkosten.
Keine Kosten für die Endreinigung und Handtücher/Bettwäsche Mittag-/Abendessen ab 15,-, nicht eingeschlossen Getränke/Tischwein.
3 tägiger Kochkurs 150,- pro Person.
Spezialdinner 25,- pro Person   exkl. Tischwein.
Tageswanderungen ins Gebirge mit Führer ca. 100,-
Betrieb traditioneller Herstellungsmethoden.
Pastaherstellung etc. 500,-


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