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4 very quiet, comfortable and new vacation homes , 3 of them with pool - amidst nature, altogether up to 16 -apartments, (1 – 3 bedrooms), balcony; approx. 900 meter (the 3 pool houses) and 1,5 km to the ocean with sandy beach; patios; pizza oven; pool; shower or bath tub (in larger apartments both present).

Located at an incredible quiet spot and still just a few kilometers (approx. 9) to Tropea, (the “Saint Tropez of the south”), the resort convinces with a large comfort factor. It is virtually in a secluded area with ocean view – perfect for all guests in desperate need of recuperation. It is equally suitable for larger families or small groups. All apartments are comfortably equipped on top of this 30.000 qm large estate – an ideal place for children to play without any dangers around.
The hilly and idyllic surroundings of the peninsula of Capo Vaticano above the wildly romantic coast of Calabria guarantees the satisfaction of various needs. The resort offers tranquilly as well as complete recuperation amidst ancient oaks, olive and lemon trees. It also offers the possibility of a peaceful beach vacation with the option of various trips to Tropea with all its sports and shopping opportunities, discotheques and seductive nightlife.
With almost 300 sunny days per year is Capo Vaticano most often declared as the pearl of the Mediterranean. The Capo is framed on three sides by clean and crystal clear water. The amount of sandy and rocky beaches and the incredible quiet bays transform this coast into a true paradise even for spoilt water rats. The delightful landscape of the Capo Vaticano with its lushes green vegetation, lemon and olive groves, Caribbean-style beaches and an outstanding picturesque coast lies just off the major through traffic.

The wild Aspromonte Mountains in the background with its dense flora and ancient trees, deep canyons and mountain springs complete the Capo’s landscape with all the extrem varieties (excellent for mountain biking or hiking!)

In the magazine Geo Saison, a special edition of the magazine Geo of March 2000, a small amount of villages were chosen and crowned as the most beautiful ones in Italy. Pizzo, just a few kilometers from Ricadi, was one of the selected one. The old partly medieval village of the Capo Vaticano is extremely beautiful and creates a wonderful contrast to the brusque turf formation and the enormous ocean landscape with its wild mountains and valleys of Calabria

Pizzo (formerly Napitia) was formed as a Greek colony in Hellenistic times. Today it is still a place full of magnificent palaces, lively places and rich churches. It lies similar to a fortress above the Gulf of San Eufemia. Through its small alleys the visitor will always be fortune enough to peek to the ocean.

Pizzo became famous and well known, also above the borders of Calabria, because of its tuna and sword fish which fill the stores and markets and through its long tradition of the creation of ice cream, offered in lots of varieties in all the Cafés.

Of particular cultural / historical interest is also the Castello Murat originating in the XV century. In 1815, Giocchino Murat, Napoleon’s brother-in-law, was convicted her of treachery and sentenced to death.

The position of the resort is interesting because of its relative central location. It it an ideal starting point for trips to Archipelago of the Liparean Island. From the harbor of Tropea you can take one of the regular running hovercraft ferries to the islands. You can reach Stomboli in just two hours and the visit of Europe most active volcano will be an eventful day-trip. If you belong to the wide majority suffering from constant back pain, you need to visit the Island Volcano, since here you will find the famous sulfur springs and sulfur containing mud baths. The black sandy beaches of the Volcano are also seductively beautiful. All in all, on the Liparen Island you will feel a step closer to the heart of the earth in its true meaning.

Additional excursion possibilities:

One of the possibilities to discover Calabria is through a trip to Monte Poro. With its almost 100 meter heights it is the highest mountain of Calaria and also includes a protected nature park. Here you will find – like often in Calabria – untouched and original nature and extensive panoramic views, that you can so enjoy during hikes through the glorious nature.

From cultural interest is also Vibo Valentia with its Castello Normanno-Svevo originating out of the XI century with its multiplicity of gothic churches. Vibo is also famous for its excavation sites with roman palaces and temple ruins.

Reggio Calabria, which is approx. 100 km to the south, awaits cultural interested guests not only with a lively southern Italian metropolis with rich cultural treasures but also with the largest museum of Calabria and the cultural inheritance of the centuries.

Just a jump away from Sicily offers Reggio islands-hoopers a good entrance card for Italian largest islands and for example Taormina with its view onto the Aetna and it temple that you can reach in just 2-hours.

Living in the resort:

The four houses were built between 1996 and 2000. All are two floor buildings and include 1 – 3 bedroom, a complete fitted kitchen/ dinning room (30 qm). All homes contain 3 – 4 apartments, each between 60 – 85 qm. The amount of bathrooms varies. The apartment with three bedrooms contains two bathrooms with bathtub and shower and the two bedroom apartments include a bathroom with either shower or bathtub.

Every apartment has a balcony or a patio (covered or half-covered) and a heavenly panoramic view over the ocean and the coast from Calabria all the way to Sicily. Thanks to its quiet location at the magical landscape of the „green coast“ above the almost white sandy beach will this vacation become a wonderful experience.

All apartments are comfortably equipped. The furniture are made out of olive tree wood and are built in country style. All apartments are complete and patio furniture are present. The three homes (below, 900 meter to the 300 meter long sandy beach, equipped with lounge chairs during the main season) have the possibility to use a washer (only one present) against a fee.

The bottom three homes (Ricardi S.Maria) are in a secluded position, the upper house (approx. 1, 5 km to the beach, Ricardi S. Nicolo) has the closest neighbor approx. after 50 meter.

A barbeque could be provided and one of the homes owns a stone-built pizza oven.

Parking spaces are directly beside the homes.

Since the spring of 2002 a swimming pool (15 x 12 meter and 3 meter deep) with a children’s pool is present.

Rental fee per week in 2017 and 2018:
                       1 sl-room     2 sl-rooms   3 sl rooms
                        1-2 pers.    3-4 pers     5-6 pers.
09. 09. - 14. 10. 17    420,- Euro   470,- Euro   560,- Euro
14. 10. - 24. 03. 18    340,- Euro   430,- Euro   470,- Euro
24. 03. - 23. 06. 18    450,- Euro   490,- Euro   590,- Euro
23. 06. - 21. 07. 18    540,- Euro   650,- Euro   720,- Euro
21. 07. - 28. 07. 18    570,- Euro   680,- Euro   750,- Euro
28. 07. - 18. 08. 18    630,- Euro   760,- Euro   850,- Euro
18. 08. - 25. 08. 18    590,- Euro   700,- Euro   790,- Euro
25. 08. - 01. 09. 18    570,- Euro   680,- Euro   750,- Euro
01. 09. - 13. 10. 18    420,- Euro   470,- Euro   560,- Euro
13. 10. - 28. 02. 19    340,- Euro   430,- Euro   470,- Euro
Sheets/ towels are 10,- Euro per person/change.
End cleaning amounts 31 Euro (1 bedroom),
40 Euro (2 bedrooms) and 50 Euro (3 bedrooms).
Pool fee 20,- per week.
Extra bed 100,-/week
Attention: Just three of the four homes own the pool.
The houses are spread out on the estate.
There will be a pool usage fee of 20 Euro/ week
for the houses with the pool additional to the rental fee. Washing machine 3,- per filling
(only in the houses at the pool and central)

By car: Freeway Salerno – Reggio Calabria.
Exit S. Onofrio Vibo Valentia.
From there 15 km to Ricardi.
By train: until IC-train station Vibo-Pizzo.
From there 25 km to Ricardi (pick-up possible).
By plane: airport Lamezia Terme.

The owner gladly will pick you up either at the airport or the train station or meets you at a rest area at the freeway exit. We recommend booking a rental car already in the country of your origin. Locally you will be able to rent motorbikes or bicycles.
Hint for bicyclist: the homes are located 200 meter on a hill. The way up there from the beach is only recommended to the trained bicyclist.


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