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Two beautiful, well maintained, quiet and comfortable vacation apartments with elevated equipment of 55 qm with spacious 30 qm patio and 25 qm grassy area; suitable for 2 – 3 people; beautiful panoramic and ocean view (balcony of Korinth – truly perfect view); 6000 qm lovely maintained and enclosed garden; garden/ patio furniture; just approximately 2,5 km to the wonderful 7 km long pebble beach and to Isthmus; 1 bedroom and living room/ bedroom combination (for 2 people occupancy just living room) with fitted kitchen, microwave and dishwasher; two bathrooms with bidet or men’s bathroom, stereo, radio/ radio alarm, safe, SAT-TV, washer, dryer, vacuum cleaner, alarm systems, garden house and gazebo – garden and patio furniture; central heater; non-smoking house: no pets; 50 qm barbecue house; very good infrastructure; parking spaces; ideal combination of culture, nature and beach vacation within a magical atmosphere; discount for monthly rental; suitable for senior citizen and handicapped people!

I think anybody who knows anything about Greek and especially people who once visited the Peloponnes, will know the name of the famous healing and mineral water Loutraki, which is often found on table in taverns. Since nobody is able to live off water alone, we will now present the beautiful Villa Ekaterini in Loutraki. We like to recommend this glorious vacation domicile, although I am sure it won’t become as famous just from my description (although it deserves it...).

Anyway, it is important to recognize the atmosphere of the exterior as well the interior, the careful maintenance, the cultural atmosphere, the culture, nature, the different moods to relax, tranquility and the various leisure program. The total tranquility of the extremely friendly equipped apartment is in clear contrast with the perfect way of the lively mundane characteristics of Loutraki, which is just 2,5 – 3 km from the house. This way all desires of the guests, who are in need of a recuperating vacation, will be met. Guests, who are nature lover, water sport fans and education driven will find a place rich on antique cultural goods in Greece and not only stones and ruins.
Historically speaking, Loutraki is as a thermal bath, very closely connected with the Greek royalty and the Egyptian dynasties. Already the Greek King Otto was a delighted user of the thermal springs and enjoyed its therapeutically affects. Therefore, he was a regular visitor. Similar pleased was the Egypt King Fuat, who was especially interested in the spacious designed location. He even received four special, for him created, cabins even satisfied the King, who was used to luxury.
It all started very small with just ten bath cabins that were built in 1855 in honor of guests such as Thykidides, Xenophon and Pafsanias, who already in ancient times reported about the healing affects of thermal springs. Up to 1926, the amount of cabins already increased to 105. Unfortunately they were all destroyed in the big earthquake of 1928. The remodeling started in 1935 in a western and luxury style, which still today is reflected in the mundane atmosphere of Loutrakis. Still today, successful rheumatic therapies or treatments against arthritis, neurology and skin diseases are taken place and a modern Hydrotherapy center was just built.
Even if the main interest of our guest might lie secondary (or who knows?) in a cultural stay and primly in a vacation filled with recuperation, nature, culture and the ocean, we want to point out that the Loutrake is in a perfect position to feed all needs. The fine pebble beach of Loutraki will impress the guests with its high water quality and its lengths of 7 km. Therefore, it is guaranteed that, even during the main season, you will find sufficient quiet zones for your carefree water pleasure. Guests, who are more interested in water sports, will also have plenty of opportunities: surfing, paragliding, boats trips, fishing, biking as well as mountain climbing. If you want to enjoy a special adventure (without being forced to play) you will need to visit the largest Greek casino just 3 km from the house. Loutraki also holds a large amount of good and very good taverns, beach cafés and shopping opportunities.
And if you don’t feel like swimming in the ocean water – you will find a sweet water sea in a distance of 20 km (the sea can be seen from the house).
Excursion trips are plentiful:
You will be just 5 km from Akrokorinth, which means you are close to Korinth. Although Korinth is well known, it is far from a tourist city. This is because the inhabitants are not completely used to deal with tourists, which is absolutely not a bad thing and just means that you will find an origin atmosphere and you will be treated with hospitality. Unbelievable friendships will arise if you just used a few Greek words. Here you can still buy for Greek prices great fresh vegetables, fruits, fish and more. The restaurants are still equipped with Greek menus. Guests, who are not able to read the Greek language will still be led to look into the pots.
The Isthmus, which is a small, deep canyon with a few tourist taverns needs to be visited, even if you are afraid of heights as I am.
I don’t have to say much about the well maintained antique sites (you can read this in every travel guide) – maybe you will learn to differentiate between Kornith, Dorisch or Ionic pillars, maybe you will visit a museum or you will make a trip to the medieval castle of Akrokorinth – you should plan a day trip in any event.
Additional cultural highlights can be found after an approximately one hour car ride in Nafplio (Nauplia), Epidauros, Argos, Mykene, Tiryns, Sparta and of course the spacious abbey estate of Mistra (Mystras) which holds an essential meaning of Europe’s cultural heritage. If you plan a day trip, you should visit the center of the world (Omphalos), Delfi and enjoy a tour of the museum and the estate.
The equipment of the approximately 55 qm can be considered elevated style and the entire impression is charming, well maintained and luxurious. Considering the high quality, this apartment can be still called affordable. Every detail is carefully thought of. The adoring landlord even thought about senior citizen and handicapped people and installed a special shower and planned other equipment (doors) so that a person in a wheelchair can use all of it.
I don’t particular feel the need to explain much about the back friendly mattresses or the sufficient storage room for your luggage – those details are self-understood.
Both apartments are located in a Villa and the owner lives there as well. The 6000 qm large terrain gives you the impression of a park estate. It is enclosed and perfectly maintained. You won’t have the view to the neighboring estate, but you will have a glorious view over the ocean, forests and grassy areas. Each apartment includes a 20 qm large bedroom with double bed, SAT-TV, Safe, a 23 qm large living room with integrated fitted kitchen (microwave, dishwasher, 4-plate stove, oven, coffee maker – complete with pots, silverware and dishes), sofa corner and separate dinning corner. This corner can also be used with an occupancy of 4 people, as the second bedroom (living room/ bedroom combination). Furthermore, you will find two 8 qm bathrooms with showers (double sinks, shower, bidet, washer, toilette) and a 4 qm bathroom (shower, sink, men’s toilette).
All other characteristic of the apartments were already described above – I don not think that I can add anything more – perfect, beautiful, livable and highly recommend, also for guest with elaborate needs.

Rental fee per week:
01. 09. - 31. 10.          590,-

01. 11. - 24. 03.          520,-

24. 03. - 30. 06.          590,-

01. 07. - 31. 08.          680,-

01. 09. - 31. 10.          590,-

01. 11. - 31. 12.          520,-




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