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Picturesque small vacation house of 35 qm in a remote location. Ocean view and dream panorama onto the Sarazen tower. Balcony and 30qm roof patio. 1 bedroom, kitchen, dinning room, bathroom. Approx. 3,5 km to the 7 km long beach

Well, I know: People will just ask, “Where is the catch” when they read the description of “our affordable vacation home”. Something seems fishy, where is the catch? Indeed there is a catch. The home is built on the hillside, directly below the coastal road, but that does not seem as a catch after all!
To even increase the advantages of the house one might add that the house lays isolated below the coastal road and disposes of great connections between the coastal towns of Ascea and Pisciotta. Also, considering the fact that the site is below the coastal road (typical for the Almalfi coast) once won’t find any noise annoyances from the road. Although you can’t describe the Piano della Torre as extremely quiet (the roof patio lies on the same level as the street), one can’t hear much of the traffic (except in August, but even then is it not much noisier than the vacation homes located by the beach). The reason for this is that the bedrooms lie towards the hill (hillside location is perfect to dam the noise!) and also that the kitchen, dinning room and the adjacent patio lie toward the ocean, basically averting the street. (With the exception of August, this street is only mildly traveled).
What makes this vacation home exceptional and meet my requirements fully are the incredible infinite ocean view and the dream panorama over the beautiful, immemorial nature with a view on the medieval Sarazen tower that as a quiet guardian outreaches the ocean.
The panoramic view of both patios is unique and unbeatable!
What the street maybe takes away from the atmosphere will be added by the exceptional location, isolated and gloriously simple, imbedded between eucalyptus and bamboo over wide immemorial olive groves. Also the distance to the ocean with its 7 km long sandy beach in the gulf of Velia by Marina di Ascea amount only 3.5 km.
Another positive fact is that the Piano della Torre has a garage.
Living in Piano della Torre:
Although the home with its single bedroom with double and single bed and 35 qm can be regarded as small, it offers the most practical vacation domicile for couples or small families (max. capacity 5 persons, since there are 2 additional beds available in the dinning room). The kitchen is small, but complete. The bathroom is also small with a shower. The dinning room with table and chairs provides an ocean view.
Specials (otherwise oriented to the standards of the Domus Olearia):
The house processes a garage with own drive way.
Great infrastructure. Stores, banks, gas station and more are easily accessible.
Patio furniture present.
Dogs are permitted.

Rental fee per week:
02.09.17 - 16.09.17 550,- 
16.09.17 - 30.09.17 520,- 
30.09.17 - 21.10.17 480,- 
21.10.17.- 24.03.18 420,-
24.03.18 - 19.05.18 490,- 
19.05.18 - 16.06.18 520,- 
16.06.18 - 21.07.18 590,- 
21.07.18 - 01.09.18 670,- 
01.09.18 - 15.09.18 550,- 
15.09.18 - 29.09.18 520,- 
29.09.18 - 20.10.18 480,- 
20.10.18.- 28.02.19 420,-
End cleaning is 45,- Euro/70,- with dog, sheets/ towels 10 Euro per person


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