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Outstanding: wing of an historical palazzo with knight room; Garibaldi room; salon; (yellow) bedroom with 2 additional bedrooms (350 qm) for separate residence.


Not everybody is a prince like Goethe, who was at home in all Europe’s nobility, and not everybody is an elegiac artist like Rilke, who also receive opened doors at all the southern castles. But nobody should be refused to indulge in the charm of mundane and to enjoy a taste of luxury.

If you ever walked in felt slippers through hallways of historian buildings or castles you will find yourself thinking and dreaming and you would like to let your soul wander in those suites.

For those who like to realize this dream, our offer will try to approach such wishes. Life in a palace is regarded not only through a stay in an exceptional and noble place but also through its special ambience and the personal atmosphere that is transferred from the Countess. She really tries to give you an unforgettable adventure. The Palazzo is one of Palermo’s oldest and most prominent buildings. It is located in the old part of the city, just steps from the cathedral, the Palazzo Reale and the Cappella Palatina. The royal Palazzo awaits its guests and offers traditions in a medieval wing of a house with three large halls (knight hall, Garibaldi room as well as the blue salon) and the yellow bedroom (bathroom, dressing room with refrigerator) - an entire area of 350 qm. A staircase leads from the yellow room up to two additional bedrooms with joined bathroom, that can only be rented together with the rest of the rooms. An exclusive separated residence is therefore guaranteed.

The interior of the Palazzo is consciously kept not modern but stays in its own historical background. Since the Earl’s family (which can be backtracked to the emperor Friedrich II) inhabits this Palazzo for centuries, the personal atmosphere is kept and will make your stay an unique venture.

This is reflected in the bed’s canopy, the dressers, table or chairs, the mirrors, the wooden ceilings, the fireplace or the carpets. All breathe history in present time: valuable antiques wherever your eyes look. Here you will find paintings, frescoes , sculptures and you are confronted with a valuable weapon collection.

The Palazzo was remodeled over the past centuries a few times which can be witnessed by the different styles of important art periods: high painted wooden ceilings out of the XV century, baroque ceiling by Vito D´Anna and Gaspare Sernario, sculptures and the lion fountain Marabittis out of the XVII century and the large staircase with the interior facade of Marvuglia.

The Palazzo itself is supported by punish-roman city walls, that encircle the origin building. You will find an origin Arabic-Norman tower at the south side of the Palazzo, which is one of the less kept part of the city wall. Over the double-arching Norman windows you can see the crest of the Hohenstaufer, Aragonies and the city of Palermo.

If you now get scared to sink into the dust of etiquette your mind will be changed by the natural hospitality of the Earl. The Countess, who speaks English, will gladly welcome you personally as her house guest.

You should be present if there is a reception or a concert and you should let yourself be placed back into the wonderful atmosphere of feasts of the Sicily nobility of past century. The Palazzo will be illuminated by torches when the Earl invites his guests into the pompous halls. Here you will wander with a glass of champagne through the halls and you will enjoy the joyous program of the evening society . First class singers, including the Countess, entertain the guests with breathtaking Neapolitan songs and pretty opera melodies. The Countess couple values to keep the tradition of the Sicily cuisine. The exquisite stands not behind the entire ambience. As house guests you will be invited at reduced rates.

Let yourself, without any social compulsion, during the evening welcome aperitif, consulted by the Earl, who gladly will recommend choosing restaurants or other daily activities. You will most certainly enjoy the charm and the lively life of the city in the old part of Palermo.

It is very difficult to reduce this pulsing city within a few lines. You will be stimulated by the contrast of hectic, lavish garden landscape, the oriental temptations, the facade of churches or medieval and baroque palaces. Visit the colorful street markets that mirror Palermo’s vivid faces and the lively old city alleys and dive into the fill of cultural spectacles and take a pleasure out of numerous museums and don’t miss a visit in the theater.

Filled with impressions of various convenience it will be time to linger in the tranquility of nature. For that you will have on this island the beach, preferable close by the extremely cultivated beach town Mondello just a few kilometers outside of Palermo. Here you will have the special charm of squiggled Villas that are enframed by old, shade giving trees. The bay with its fine, almost white sandy beach seems intimate. Both the lime calluses Monte Pellegrino and Monte Gallo rim greatly the view onto the ocean, that mostly seems dark blue.

After all the raving you probably will want to know how you can book your stay in the Palazzo and to find out about the costs. 

The costs, including a lavish breakfast that will be created by the Countess, (depending on the season) will personally take care of you with a welcome aperitif. You will receive a Palazzo tour and a parking space on the Palazzo’s yard (very important in the old town of Palermo). All this amounts to 550,- Euro per day with and occupancy of two people. 

For any additional person there will be a surcharge of 180,- Euro per person. 

The minimum stay is two days. We recommend urgently a stay of at least three or four days. Palermo, the surroundings and the palace are worth while to stay longer. If you are interested to remain for at least a week, we can offer you a discount of 5 % (for 2 weeks 10%).

Children between 8 and 12 years receive a children discount of 50%. The discount amounts 25% by children between 12 and 16 years. On special wishes of the Countess and because of all the valuable and breakable items, there won’t be any children allowed below 8 years. “The temptation to run in the large halls won’t always be without accidents”. 

The extreme for your private and business events:

You can rent the pompously facilities also for business congresses or other work related events. Gala evenings with excellent menus and possible concerts (Richard Wagner did play the piano in the Palazzo) will be organized for groups starting with 20 people and up to over 100 people. Possible hotel reservation will probably be negotiated.

Rental fee per day:

All year around for occupancy of 2 people 380,- Euro and any additional person 120,- Euro.

Discount: 5% for occupancy of one, 10% by occupancy of two or more weeks.


Out of courtesy the Countess requests your understanding that - even only on rare occasions – private Palazzo tours will be held. She will then wander with her guests through the knight hall and the Garibaldi room. She won’t enter your bedroom and she will schedule those visits with you. Your private sphere won’t be hurt. This should only be an advise what you might can expect during a stay in historic nobility buildings.


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