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Small, familial and comfortable estate with 19 separate apartments (1-2 bedrooms) in beautiful location with ocean view; approx. 150 meter to the ocean with a 6km long sandy beach; each apartment includes a balcony or patio with aeolian pillars; one or two bathrooms; complete kitchen or kitchenette; TV, telephone and air conditioner; furnished in massive wood; parking places with garden. High season b & b included.

The La Villetta is a quiet, familial small estate with higher standards, just 150 meter to the sandy or pebble beaches of Canneto.
Lipari is a great vacation spot. Out of sentimental reasons (I visited the place 20 years ago as I was still studying) we include this island. The partly lovely and partly cliffy Vulcan landscape is very impressive. Lipari is the largest of the Liparian Islands and it is vulcanic origin. It includes a well build out street grid of about 27 km. Easily can you plan trips over the island with your car or by bike. The highest point of the Island is Monte Chirica (602 meter) and Monte San Angelo (594 meter). Towards the west, the coast plunges down. Towards the east and the north you will find leveled coastal strips. Canneto, which is 3,5 km north to the capital Lipari-city, includes a flat coastal strip with a prolonged 6 km beach.
Liparis vegetation is impressed by oleander, caper, olive groves and far fields with various southern fruits and vines. The main source of income for the Lipari people is, beside tourism (mild climate and outstanding water sports opportunities), agriculture, fishing and the cultivation of pumice and obsidian.
Caneto is known to be the center of pumice winning. From here you can reach by foot the pumice and obsidian grooves of Forgia Vecchia and Rocche Rosse. Approx. 1 kilometer from Canneto, you will be able to swim wonderfully at the Spiaggia Bianca. Contrary to its name, the beach is not white, but consists of darker gravel and pumice gravel. Canneto is a small and country typically angled aeolian coastal town with all necessary stores and a good infrastructure. After a merely 6,5 km car ride you will reach Acquacalda from where you will have the best view to the neighborhood island Salina.
Although Lipari is a small island, it is rich on sights. A flying visit will be not enough! The sights include:
- San Calogero with hot sulfur spring and spa hotel from 1887
- Belvedere di Quattrocchhi with beautiful panoramic view over the entire island wold, especially the island Vulcano
- boating trips to the rocky cliffs of Faraglioni and Pietra del Bagno
- for hikers: the bay Spiaggia Valle Muria - can be reached via Belvedere di Quattrocchia
- the main village Lipari (4500 inhabitants) with harbor and castle mountain where you can find a cathedral, a museum, the archeological park and the archeological zone. Towards the west you can find the New City with board walk, bars, stores and restaurants. Lipari is rich with churches, historical buildings and palaces.

Living in La Villetta:
The small estate La Villetta consists out of 19 single apartments. Four of those are so called Monolocale (= room with bathroom), 11 Bilocale (bedroom, living room/ kitchen combination and bathroom) and four Trilocale (2 bedrooms, living room/ kitchen combination and bathroom.
Monolocale: room with bathroom (+shower) and kitchenette as well as own furnished patio.
Bilocale: room with double bed and room with sleeping sofa and kitchen, bathroom with shower and furnished pation or balcony.
Trilocale: two bedrooms, room with kitchen and sleeping sofa, one or two bathrooms and furnished patio.
Each of the rooms/ apartments is equipped with air conditioner, telephone and SAT-TV. The furniture are comfortable, modern and mostly out of massive wood. All apartments are bright, well maintained and clean. The mattresses are back friendly. The kitchen are sufficiently equipped.
All apartments of the two-level building include ocean view of the patios and balconies. The patios and balconies are framed by aeolian pillars and obtain an antique atmosphere. The entire structure blends harmonically into the landscape and among the characteristics of the neighboring homes - this gives the estate its name. A contact person is always on site, since the Villetta possesses a reception and a bar.
The estate is amidst the classical bathing center of the island on the old fishing town of Canneto. The town got its name from the various cane that grows along the beaches. The town was the former home of quarry workers who ablated the rocky mountain. Today the area has a great infrastructure and you will be just 2,5 kilometer from the historical center of Lipari.
The Villetta is flanked on one side by the public road and three entrance ways lead to the estate (do not worry: the traffic will not be bothersome). Parking spaces are located on the estate.

Rental fee per week 2017 and 2018:
 2P   3P     4P    4P
                         + 1 SZ  + 2 SZ
                        + 1 SZ  + 2 SZ
31.08.-17.09. 610  790   1040    1190
17.09.-01.10. 550  690    890     960 
01.10.-15.10. 490  590    750     820
01.03.-27.05. 490  590    750     820
27.05.-01.07. 550  690    890     960
01.07.-29.07. 610  790   1040    1190
29.07.-02.09. 890 1040   1320    1610
02.09.-16.09. 610  790   1040    1190
16.09.-30.09. 550  690    890     960 
30.09.-14.10. 490  590    750     820

End cleaning 50,- for 1 and 2 room apartments, 60,- for 3-room apartments.
Safety deposit 155,-
Prices are with breakfast.


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