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Welcome to our vacation database!
We are an interest-community of Italian, Greek, French, Austrian and Croatian commercial and mostly private vacation domiciles provider and hoteliers with a wide variety of offers for vacation accommodations.
We established ourselves as an interest-community in Casal Velino or rather in Marina di Casal Velino in the national park of Cilento in the region of Campania – Italy. Our goal is to acquaint you with a structural weak region (with excellent connection to Naples, Vesuv, Salerno, Pompeii, Herculaneum, the Amalfi coast with Amalfi and Positano and Paestum, Ischia, Capri) that hardly was registered on the map. During the following years, more and more landlords became affiliated out of various regions and with different emphases.

Cilento - Campania

The national park of Cilento is located to one third at the Campanian coast along the Tyrrenic Sea. Its landscape varies from glorious sandy beaches and rocky cliffs to steep cragged slopes and to smaller bays that partially can only be reached via boat. A multitude of villages await that interested visitors will discover them.

The hilly Ascea or Marina di Ascea will guarantee an unforgettable vacation with its spacious sandy beaches and the unique treasures of excavation sites by the antique town of Elea. If you prefer to relax at the beach or if you plan a hiking vacation, you will have numerous well-maintained vacation homes, apartments, Azienda, Hotels or bed & breakfast pensions wait to be chosen.

The beautiful town of Acciaroli with its central harbor, qualifies excellently as the basis for a sailing vacation. You can discovered for example Cannicchio (province) that lays above Acciaroli.

Towards the north of Velia you will find Acquavella in the mountains, which is ideally for hikes and biking tours. Enjoy the nature around the mountain Monte Stella (1130 m) in its origin-untouched landscape.

The town of Der Ort Agropoli, which is the most northern small town of the national park Cilento and hence a stepping stone to Paestum, Salerno, and the Amalfi coast, tampers you with its numerous sandy beaches, bays, the beautifully angled romantic old city with the “Aragonic gate” and lots of relics of the Aragon ruler and the harbor.

South of the Cap of Palinuro leads an impressively beautifully coastal road to Marina di Camerota, a romantic fishing town in a bay. Its yacht and fishing harbor together with the piazza form the center of town.

An especially rich offer on vacation homes, apartments and country estate can be found in Marina di Casal Velino and Casal Velino. Discover, besides the yacht and fishing harbor, many cultural and religious interesting sights. Especially suitable for your vacation at the ocean or for a cultural vacation.

The leisure opportunities for your vacation in Castellabate are plentiful. Santa Maria di Castellabate holds, as a result of its unique underwater fauna and flora close to the underwater nature conservation “Punto Licosa”, optimal conditions to dive in the Mediterranean Sea. In San Marco, which is a quiet suburb of Santa Maria di Castellabate, you will have vacation apartments that are idyllic and especially suitable for families.

The small town of Metoio is spread in panoramic location, along the long hilly back of the backcountry of Velia. It is an ideal starting position for your hiking vacation or vacation with a bicycle. Discover Cilento or the 7 km long sandy beach at the gulf of Velia. You will reach this after just a few kilometer by car or just with your bicycle.

The town Ogliastro is a typical town of the hilly Cilento. It’s city part Marina in the spacious sandy bay lays at the southern end of “Punto Licosa”. A quiet-romantic and well-maintained country landscape awaits you for a vacation with fantastic ocean views all the way to Capri.

The historical town Paestum lays 35 km south of Salerno in the center of the most important excavation site with numerous best-kept temples and further witnesses of the art of Greek buildings. Here you will have the ideal starting point for trips to Capri, Amalfi and Pompeii. Paestum has a 18 km long, continuous, up to 50-meter wide, and smoothly descending sandy beach.

Please consider our beautiful vacation apartments in Palinuro. The small fishing town in the lap of ‘Capo Palinuro’ is a town with plenty sports and leisure opportunities as well as numerous smaller country typical arts and crafts stores that invite to shop and linger. Caprioli is the small suburb of Palinuro. Relax here in well-maintained apartments.

Further apartment rentals in this region can be found in Pioppi, which is a small romantic fishing town with a picturesque beach promenade with small cafés and a piazza with palm trees. Manorial homes and villas mold this atmosphere. You will enjoy the view on the entire gulf of Velia and the cap of Palinuro.

A magical country estate, a good selection of rental apartments and homes awaits your vacation in Pisciotta. Pisciotta Marina lays at the foot of the hill of Pisciotta Paese, which is a small romantic vacation town with quiet fishing harbor and numerous cute restaurants.

San Mauro la Bruca is a typical mountain village in Cilento. It is ideal for an unique hiking vacation in the mountains of the Cilento. San Nazario is ideally to hike and bike. The small and picturesque mountain village below San Mauro la Bruco lies in a quiet valley by a snug creek.

If one Cilento town should deserve the perception of the glamorous it should most certainly be Scario, which is considered in the local travel guides the jewel of the Cilento coast.

At the cliffs of the 1150 meter high Monte Stella is the medieval town Stella amidst the Cilento National park. Although the small town is in a distance of just 20 minutes by car from the sandy beaches and the coast, Stella Cilento kept its origin village life far off any tourist hype. Discover the unique country estate in Stella.

Additional country estates and vacation apartments invite you for a vacation in Terradura. Terradura is an old, typical southern Italian mountain village with an wide winded ocean view.

Tuscany at the ocean

Spend a dream vacation in Tuscany. The dapper apartments and country estates are ideal for families and are positioned at the ocean at the Etruscan coast. Here you will find an ideal place to hike or to ride. They are close to Cecina or the small town of San Vincenzo as well as the historian town Campiglia Marittima.

Discover Tuscany at its north coast also called Versillia. You will find numerous vacation apartments and homes in Cinquale or Marina di Massa, which are the ideal point of origin to hike in the marble mountains of Carrara or for biking tours through Tuscany. It is also very enjoyable to relax at the beach or to savor in the culinary Tuscan pleasure.

At the southern coast of Tuscany you will find Maremma, which is unbelievable versatile and it is virtually unknown outside of Italy. In this beautiful swathe of land in the province of Grosetto lies the small village of Castiglione della Pescaia, This is an absolute insiders’ tip for a vacation in Tuscany. Our special offer in Castiglione della Pescaia embraces numerous vacation homes and apartments that are affordable, family friendly or exquisite and luxurious. This area is ideal if you want to spend a vacation at the ocean, if you need the possibility to play golf, to dive or to surf or if you want to explore this grandiose landscape through hiking or biking tours. This town at the ocean offers the perfect basis to spend a recuperating vacation in Tuscany.

Nature and culture in Tuscany

Discover the nature and culture of Tuscany, for example during a stay in a hotel close to Pisa. The hotel originally was a manor and was just remodeled. It is embraced by a glorious hilly location. 20 km from Florence you can stay in a former Villa in apartments of various sizes and you can explore the picturesque landscape and of course Florence.

In the medieval city of Lucca, that also is considered Tuscany’s jewel, you will experience the origin atmosphere. It is smaller than Florence but not less charming and it hold lots of sights that will make your stay unforgettable. Our fine selection of vacation apartments in the province of Lucca are an ideal starting point for vacation in Tuscany.

Our offered vacation domiciles are especially suitable for families with children and for hiking and biking tours through the wine country of Tuscany or for cooking or paining courses in this beautiful region at the Bolsenaer Sea, the Lago die Bolsena. In the region Monte Amiata we can offer you further affordable homes and apartments, often equipped also with a swimming pool. Our Tuscany offers are complemented through further domiciles in the regions San Gimignano /Siena / Volterra.

Amalfi coast

For your vacation in Italy at the Amalfi coast, the so called Costiera Amalfitana, we have a small exclusive selection of accommodation in our program. At the Amalfi coast in Campania we have an affordable small bed & breakfast pension with half-pension close by the ocean (250 m). The rental of mountains bikes is equally possible as tennis or fishing opportunities or excursion by sail or motorboat. Between Positano (4 km) and Amalfi (9 km) positioned you can find in the village Praiano an affordable hotel with fantastic ocean view and unforgettable view onto Capri. The hotel includes a pool and a private beach. It is possible to have half-pension.


The Capo Vaticano in Calabria offers almost 300 sunny days per year and it is often considered the pearl of the Mediterranean. It is surrounded at three sides by clean, crystal clear ocean and includes a variety of rocky and sandy beaches as well as gloriously quiet bays that make the Calabrian coast to a true paradise for spoiled water rats. The region around the Capo Vaticano is scenically very attractive with its lavish green vegetation, citrus and olive groves, comely Caribbean beaches and an outstanding picturesque coast and it is located far off the common through-streets. Our offer in this region is large. For example in Zambrone a vacation home direct at the beach with free entrance to South-Italian’s largest aqua park. Ideal for families with dog or pet.

This wild Aspromonte mountain is perfect to mountain bike or to hike into the back country – with pretty, dense fouling and ancient trees, deep canyons and mountain springs. If you are looking for a vacation house, please take a look at our small facility with apartments in Ricadi. In close proximity you will have a tennis court, a soccer field and play opportunities for your children on a playground. Enclosed and open to the ocean. Also, you will find a gratis transfer to the beach or close hotels. Horse lovers will be satisfied as well, since there is a riding school in a distance of approximately 2 km. You can reach a gulf course with 18 holes after 18 km.

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